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The same for less: a lantern that lights up the decor

The same for less: a lantern that lights up the decor

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In the garden as in our interiors, the lantern has no trouble establishing itself as an essential decorative element. Bamboo, metal or wood, they adapt to all styles when chosen with care. No way to ruin yourself when shopping, you have concocted a list of trendy lanterns more or less expensive.

Dubai Delamaison steel lantern 119 euros / Elva Maisons du Monde white metal lantern 59.90 euros

Delamaison - Maisons du Monde Contemporaine this Delamaison lantern in white metal that can be perfectly imagined in a modern entrance or living room. For small grants, we prefer the cheaper model found at Maisons du Monde.

Lighthouse Normann Copenhagen lantern 89 euros / Cabella Fly iron lantern 19.90 euros

Normann Copenhagen - Fly Love at first sight for this Normann Copenhagen lantern that looks like a small house. But to avoid breaking the bank, we opt instead for the one imagined by Fly in the same turquoise color.

Adèle Maisons du Monde lantern 39.90 euros / VBS wooden lantern 19.90 euros

Maisons du Monde - VBS Authentic and full of charm, these wooden and metal lanterns will have no trouble finding their place in the living room or in the garden. Big or small price, it's up to you!

AM PM lantern 59 euros / Arnold Delamaison lantern 31.50 euros

AM PM - Delamaison Design these metal lanterns that you dare without restraint in a contemporary interior. In a living room or in a seaside style room, they will not fail to have their little effect!

Maisons du Monde storm lantern 59.90 euros / Ilio La Redoute storm lamp 14.99 euros

Maisons du Monde - La Redoute If, ​​like us, you are a fan of sailor's lanterns, you will succumb to the charm of these storm lamps. Black or blue, it's up to you!

Kyoto Delamaison solar lantern 95 euros / Jardiland solar lantern 69.90 euros

Delamaison - Jardiland These round, black and solar lanterns have everything to be true binoculars. Except the price! An argument that will appeal to small wallets.

Marrakchi Deco Zellige lantern 29 euros / Rusty Maisons du Monde Moroccan lantern 14.90 euros

Deco Zellige - Maisons du Monde If you want to give an oriental style to your interior decor, you have to bet on a pretty Moroccan lamp. Traditional or reissue, it's you who saw!