The workshop spirit invades the show

The workshop spirit invades the show

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Do you like the loft style? Do you want an interior that inspires creativity? It is to the workshop style that we must turn! Large windows for places bathed in light, industrial furniture and comfortable armchairs will make your interior a space conducive to all your creative desires whether you are an artist or not!

A tip to evoke the workshop

Maisons du monde In this original interior, we have relied on a few accessories that can recall the workshop style. We therefore opt for industrial metal and wheeled furniture in order to move them as we wish. Finally, we place a mirror that skillfully replaces a workshop style window.

Metal throughout the living room

Alinéa To echo the workshop style, metal is the ideal material, both solid and practical. In this interior, we find metal in the architect's light, furniture that combines wood and metal, industrial-style clocks and above all the incredible window that settles on an entire wall.

Trompe l'oeil workshop

Alinéa If you want a workshop style without moving and finding an atypical apartment, you can also opt for a contemporary elongated window with a black finish that will evoke metal. For the walls, we put on a brick effect that we will create using a trompe l'oeil wallpaper.

The easy-going loft

Alinéa For an easy-to-live workshop spirit, we will put on a rough concrete floor that will cover the floor of the whole house. We choose large openings for the windows. Finally, we open the spaces and we no longer hesitate to store the bike in the living room.

The kitchen overlooks the living room

Alinéa Do you want to open your kitchen to your living room while keeping separate spaces? The workshop window is ideal for creating an original style. Open part of the wall and replace it with this window which will bring a lot of light.

A greenhouse in the living room

Maisons du monde To create an original room within your living room, you can opt for a small metal greenhouse that can be used as an office or creative workshop in the room while producing an incredible decorative effect.

A creative space in the living room

Leroy Merlin To complete the workshop spirit of your living room, do not hesitate to really install a creative corner with an office space for expression or even a small mezzanine to store your accessories.

Contemporary workshop

Ikea Know that you can also consider the studio as a workshop by focusing on spaces that use the height under the ceiling and which will therefore involve ladders. For the dining area, we replace the table with a counter that will face the workshop window.

The loft spirit of the 1960s

Habitat To be sure not to make false steps in the workshop style, we play the card of the association of rough and wood. In terms of layout, folding seats and an old desk find their place near rough walls and on a polished concrete floor. Wooden shelves and furniture display sober, timeless and very effective lines.

A decor without false note

Habitat The basis of this living room is very sober: gray on the floor, a fresco of fantastic decor on the wall on one side and white stone on the other. We can then afford the color in the furniture and decoration. Added in small touches, the objects match perfectly. And add spice to this pretty cocoon, you make up your sofa with pine green modules.

A living room mixing design and contemporary style

Goal We could take this living room from a 1960s film with this refined but nevertheless structured decor. The low and long radiator, as recessed under the canopy and the lamp above the corner of the sofa, are essential industrial elements. To accompany this black and white duo, nothing better than the houndstooth print on the ottoman, the cushion and the graphic effect on a wall panel. To warm up the atmosphere of your "workshop", do not forget to add a carpet, here XXL.

Interior and exterior

Goal To give an industrial style to your living room, let's not hesitate to highlight the assets of your home: brick walls, tiled floor, metal door are welcome to remind this vintage spirit ... Vegetation is also a party taken for the living room and brings a very pleasant touch of freshness.

The purity of gray in my living room

AM PM In this living room light occupies an important place in the workshop style. The typical stone wall and picture windows create a very bright space. The "plus": bamboo ladders that serve as a magazine rack.

The workshop lounge slides to the loft

AM PM In this living room, we play on the purity of the furniture and the raw materials. The line is straight and the detail of the objects adds a little touch of color which breaks the classic side of plain and raw materials. With its dark color, the XXL sofa imposes itself as the centerpiece of the living room, delimiting the different spaces.

A chic workshop style

Maisons du Monde Chesterfield, brick wall… make your interior a chic workshop! The floor, a sumptuous polished concrete, evokes the artist workshops of yesteryear. The colors are warm and enhance the cold side of concrete and brick. Special mention for the animal skin rug and the cast iron radiator.

Total reclaimed look in my living room

Maisons du Monde All the elements are brought together here to create a recycled atmosphere. There are wheels under the coffee table and the shelf, and a superb metal and wood cinema seat. Club chairs bring character to the whole and combine perfectly with the wood of the floor and furniture. The light that bathes the decor brings the workshop touch, and we love it!

100% industrial inspiration

Miliboo Here, nothing is left to chance, from floor to wall, everything is in the workshop spirit. The waxed concrete floor recalls the factory style and the white painted bricks make a completely loft. From the Tolix chair to the lamp with the articulated arm that comes from industrial design workshops, here is a total factory look. It feels like it and it feels good!

A workshop spirit in my loft

AM PM The immensity of the room makes it possible to make the most of the space and to "spice it up" as desired. In this high ceiling loft, we appreciate the brightness brought by the large factory canopy. The space is delimited with the iron table with wooden top, surrounded on one side, the linen sofa and the giant pouffe, and on the other side of an empty space. We like the giant ottoman which completes the decoration of the living room with brilliance.