A villa in a designer cube in the heart of the Italian vineyards

A villa in a designer cube in the heart of the Italian vineyards

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Desire to escape ? Head for the Italian city of Bolzano, in South Tyrol. It is in this dream setting, between the passes of the Dolomites massif and soothing vines, that the villa Psyché, imagined on Le Collectionist, was imagined. Hidden in a cube with mirrored facades, this exceptional place fits perfectly into the landscapes that welcome it. Inside, contemporary lines highlight designer furniture. The whole is sublimated by a soft luminosity escaping from the skylights arranged in the roof. Visit this architecture surrounded by nature.

Clean lines for ultra contemporary architecture

The Collectionist On the front side, two rectangles delimit the different living spaces: on the left, the master suite, the kitchen and the dining room, and a second bedroom associated with a living area, on the right.

Opening to the outside

The Collectionist In this dream villa, indoor and outdoor merge to form only one design set. To do this, large bay windows decorate the house and offer a breathtaking view of the soothing landscapes of Italian Tyrol.

A refined dining area with a view

The Collectionist Overlooking a small terrace, the dining area of ​​the villa is bathed in light and skillfully furnished: modern tables and chairs with minimalist lines and designer floor lamp.

Well thought out living spaces

The Collectionist In the same space as the dining area, we discover the parental suite, composed of a nice size bedroom and an adjoining bathroom. And to guarantee the privacy of the inhabitants of the villa, sliding walls in solid wood on the night side, and mirror, on the relaxation side, make it possible to wrap the whole. Finally, arranged in length, a superb kitchen has taken place.

An almost invisible kitchen

The Collectionist To blend in completely with the decor that welcomes it, the long kitchen of the villa has been dressed in monastic white. Minimalist without forgetting to be functional, it also opens to the outside.

A bathroom-laundry where you feel good

The Collectionist A room dedicated to well-being, the villa's bathroom is an invitation to relax. Dressed in a pretty nude beige, this piece is a cocoon of softness where it is good to relax.

A second sleeping area with living area

The Collectionist Located on the right side of the villa Psyché, the second sleeping area consists of a large, bright bedroom. Just behind the sliding wooden door, a cozy sofa defines the seating area.

Large skylights

The Collectionist Skilfully inserted into the roof of the villa Psyché, three skylights provide clarity in the different rooms of this exceptional place: bedrooms and bathrooms.

A dream location surrounded by nature

The Collectionist Surrounded by vines as far as the eye can see, the villa Psyché enjoys a dream location that will delight lovers of nature in general and of calm in particular.