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Original stickers to dress up your interior

Original stickers to dress up your interior

Dress up your interior with stickers: this is an original decor idea! To bring a touch of freshness without drilling a hole in the wall, stickers are a good alternative. Your pieces will have this little extra trick for three times nothing!

Graphic stickers

RadRaspberry / Domestic To accentuate the volume of the room by playing on the reliefs, nothing better than stickers with graphic lines for a maximum effect. Source: Etsy / Domestic

Quotes on your walls

Paristic Use the stickers to send a message or display a sentence that speaks to you particularly. Source: Deco minus

Trompe l'oeil stickers

Funnydoors Do you want to give depth to the room? Guaranteed effect with these trompe l'oeil stickers! Source: Sticker decal / Decoclico

Teddy bears

My loview / Durido Graphic or minimalist, the grizzly bear motif invades the house! Source: Decorative visit / Etsy

Stickers for the children's room

Cai Verzi Pe Pereti / Home inspiration A little escape and poetry thanks to these pretty stickers. Source: Fresh home / Inspiration maison

Cute animals

Made of Sundays To bring a childish and regressive touch to the house, we stick stickers in the shape of funny animals. And not only on the walls! To change, we also dress the doors, cupboards and shower cubicle. No need to have toddlers to appreciate their cute! Source: Piwee

Stickers for your doors

Domestic / Decochics With this touch of humor, your doors will look as good as your walls! Source: Domestic / A little market

Trees in the room

Dea vita / Happy Chantilly The forest takes over the bedroom space with these elegant stickers in the shape of trees and foliage. Source: Dea vita / Happy whipped cream