Unusual decoration: funny birds!

Unusual decoration: funny birds!

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Flight of birds in the background. But not just any birds! Chest of drawers in the shape of an ostrich, lamp with chicken legs and periwinkles disguised as humans: these cultivate a curious design and the desire to stand out. Bet won!

Bird light

Les Eclairagistes A table lamp whose feet are none other than bird legs and whose orientable reflector is surmounted by a peacock feather? This is strange ... but we love it!

Human appearance

Serendipity When fishing for original decorative paintings, we literally fall for this curious collection representing birds ... dressed as humans. There is a little air of curiosity cabinet, right?

Egg cup rooster

Fleux And the formula "when the hens will have teeth" became "when the hens lay egg cups"!

Dress the ostrich!

Fleux A cult piece from the Ibride brand, this ostrich-shaped chest of drawers has not ceased to cause surprise and smile…

Silhouette in plates

No Without Reason Plates diverted as wall decor, it's chic, but it's already seen. Unless you opt for a collection like this, designed to subtly reveal the vertical silhouette of the pretty hen!

Imaginary aviary

Fleux Fake birds in real feathers have made their nest, not in an aviary but in a shade made of copper wire. A design from a fairy tale!

Luminous ostriches

Fleux The birds continue their quest for light, this time inspiring the design of two table lamps, a pink for girls, a blue for boys, whose feet are in the form of an ostrich! Or when the vivid imagination of design invades even the children's room…