A display cabinet, several decorative possibilities

A display cabinet, several decorative possibilities

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As in museums, the display cabinets reveal all types of decorative objects that you only touch with your eyes! It's up to everyone to choose what they want to stage. Our inspiration book:

A library in my display cabinet

Ikéa ### Installed behind a window, our favorite books suddenly become real decorative objects. Precious and chic the library!

Linens in my display cabinet

Ikea ### The linens are frustrated because they have to wait their turn to get out of the closet. Unless you place our entire collection behind the doors of a shop window! So, even tidy, it participates in the decor!

Magazines by the dozen in my display cabinet

Ikéa ### Magazines have never been so chic! The secret: shelter them in a display cabinet through which the silhouettes of horizontal stacks create a very aesthetic graphic.

Hodgepodge of objects in my display cabinet

Ikéa ### Small trinkets, a few candles, haberdashery corner: in this display cabinet, we bet on a large mix of objects of all kinds. Gathered in a single point, they evoke our tastes and our influences!

Charming storage in my display cabinet

Ikea ### Nothing prevents us from turning a display cabinet into a cabinet. The only rule to follow? Choose pretty storage accessories: decorative boxes, wicker baskets, wisely folded linen…

Decorative pieces in my display cabinet

Ikéa ### Travel reports, hunted down in a flea market, bought in stores: in the showcase furniture, all our decorative favorites are more than welcome. A small museum effect that elicits admiration from locals and guests ...

Electric cables in my display cabinet

Ikéa ### The windows are mainly made to highlight basics or objects that are already very aesthetic. But if we like the original and surprising staging, we can reason in the opposite direction by installing accessories that we usually try to hide, such as these electric cables. Curious, but unusual!