Andrée Putman in 10 emblematic achievements

Andrée Putman in 10 emblematic achievements

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Andreé Putman died on Saturday January 19 when Paris was covered with a white snowy coat. This great lady of design imposed her taste for purity and started a small revolution in the world of decoration by freeing up enclosed spaces and taking the bathroom out of its shackles. Allure, style, elegance signify his style known throughout the world.

The Morgans Hotel in New York

Studio Putman In 1984, Andrée Putman stood out for her very successful performance during the renovation of the Morgans hotel in New York. It is the starting point of a great international career.

Bathroom Hotel Morgans in New York

Studio Putman The famous black checkerboard, which has become her signature, and the symmetrical arrangement of the furniture is very representative of her style which she will print throughout her career.

The Concord

Studio Putman In 1994 Andrée Putman designed the interior of the concorde. Sobriety in lines, tones and patterns revisits French luxury.

Lo sushi in Paris

Studio Putman The futuristic decor, worthy of a science fiction film, breaks with traditional Japanese restaurants to highlight their thirst for modernity.

Pierre Hermé tea room in Japan

Studio Putman We can clearly recognize the Putman spirit imprinted by straight lines and strict furniture. Only the red color disturbs the wisdom of this decor.

Pershing Hall in Paris

Studio Putman The Pershing hotel in Paris has been decorated by Putman. The rooms with cozy comfort and contemporary decoration, are dressed in organic tones which create a soft harmony.

Ideobain in Paris

Studio Putman In 2002, Andrée Putman received the "Grand Prize in the hotel bathroom" for all of her creations. A realization for this great lady of design who took this piece out of her ghetto.

Bayerischer Hof Spa in Munich

Studio Putman With a prodigious graphic force, the architecture of the place, of incredible beauty, is at the service of well-being.


Studio Putman On the occasion of the event "The art of living with Art" organized at Artcurial, Andrée Putman's studio had carte blanche for the realization of this interior.


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