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City guide: Hong Kong

City guide: Hong Kong

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A special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong skillfully mixes a frenetic modernity and a traditional Asian culture rooted on every street corner. A city of contrast where buildings rub shoulders with exotic trees, and where shopping boutiques settle between two temples for an intense bubbling which deserves to be tamed thanks to our city guide in 10 key points.

A neighborhood: Sheung Wan

Jennifer Hebrard Streets with very steep slopes lined with stairs, traditional stalls, Taoist temples but also trendy shops and creative restaurants, this is all the contrast of the Sheung Wan district which reflects the city of Hong Kong. Don't miss the Man Mo temple, one of the oldest in the city.

An address to sleep: Mira Moon Hotel

Mira Moon A designer jewel imagined by designer Marcel Wanders who skillfully mixed Western influences and Chinese heritage. A true experience of the excess of Hong Kong between the shopping district of Causeway Bay and the traditional stalls of Wan Chai.

A cultural place: the Perrotin gallery

Galerie Perrotin - Jennifer Hebrard With the famous Art Basel fair which now has an edition in Hong Kong, the city attracts the greatest gallery owners. Thus, the Parisian Perrotin gallery has its antenna on the 17th floor of a building in the Central district. The opportunity to admire a selection always sharp while taking advantage of an exceptional point of view. Note that the building next door hosts the White Cube Gallery, which is also worth a visit. Galerie Perrotin: 50 Connaught Road Central from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Architecture: Hong Kong Bay Skyline

Jennifer Hebrard A true showcase in terms of modern architecture, Hong Kong offers a breathtaking skyline with skyscrapers whose height and form compete in boldness. We note in particular the HSBC tower built by Norman Foster, the Bank of China tower by Ieoh Ming Pei or the Two IFC tower which is none other than the tallest building on the island. You can admire the view from the Tsim Sha Tsui East promenade but also from the Victoria Peak whose summit reaches 552 m which you will reach thanks to the oldest funicular in Asia. A must.

A restaurant: Bibo

Bibo A true hybrid place, Bibo is neither a restaurant nor an art gallery, but a space that brings art back to the heart of everyday life and invites you to experience it fully. Thus, you will begin the experience by discovering the former headquarters of the Compagnie Française de Tramways in the 1930s where artists began to express themselves after the abandonment of the premises. You will then be surrounded by works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons and you will taste a plate inspired by the works of art. 163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

An Airbnb apartment

Airbnb To discover the incredible architecture of the city while taking advantage of its luxuriant nature, this duplex and its living room benefiting from large picture windows can only seduce you. And there is also a superb terrace with views of both the Peak and the city. An exceptional apartment which of course has a certain price… Airbnb Apartment

A green space: Lamma Island

Jennifer Hebrard In Hong Kong, there is no shortage of green spaces in the city like Hong Kong Park or Victoria Park. But for a few minutes of transport, discover splendid islands and beaches, as well as mountains ideal for hiking, one of the city's favorite hobbies. Lantau Island will allow you to discover an old fishing village and the 30 m of bronze of the Tian Tan Buddha. Sai Kung will offer you a sublime beach. On Lamma Island, just 20 minutes by ferry, you will find a peaceful, car-free, timeless place with a beach, hiking trail and fish restaurants in a hippie atmosphere.

A place to have a drink: Ozone Bar at the Ritz-Carlton

Ozone Take to the skies at Asia's tallest bar tucked away in the ICC tower. An incredible view of the Hong Kong bay awaits you while enjoying a rich wine list and daring cocktails. To extend the experience, head to the Ritz-Carlton, the tallest hotel in the world where the glass rooms make you dizzy between the 102nd and 118th floors! In terms of gastronomy, star dining with a view are on the program. Ozone Bar Ritz-Carlton - 1 Austin Road West Kowloon

A moment of shopping: PMQ

Jennifer Hebrard In the buildings of the former Police Married Quarters, PMQ aims to be a real creative and avant-garde pole where local designers and trendy cafes rub shoulders while offering arty events. Do not miss the Kapok brand boutique created by the French Arnault Castel in order to discover the future classics of Asia.


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