Joseph Joseph: 10 smart objects for the kitchen

Joseph Joseph: 10 smart objects for the kitchen

In the kitchen, accessories must not only be aesthetic! Above all, they must meet a great requirement for practicality. The English brand Joseph Joseph has understood this since it offers objects that combine modern aesthetics with innovative functionality that make them true allies of the kitchen.

A spoon rest to avoid stains

Joseph Joseph When you cook, finding a place for the spoon you just used to stir your sauce is a real pain. Joseph Joseph then offers you a vertical spoon rest which allows the rest of the sauce to flow into a container without staining your work surface.

Smart utensils

Joseph Joseph In the same way, you can also opt for wooden utensils with a handle that slightly elevates the utensil so that the spoon or spatula part does not touch your work surface and does not stain it.

Storage for tableware accessories

Joseph Joseph The sponge and the other accessories that you use to wash the dishes are not always aesthetic. So that they are discreet, we opt for an accessory which is placed inside the sink and which accommodates sponges and brushes in an aesthetic way.

Tidy knives

Joseph Joseph To prevent knives from hitting each other in the drawers, we put on a block which receives them in a secure and aesthetic way. And to help you pick the right knife at the right time, each one has a different color.

Utensils that fit together

Joseph Joseph And to also avoid taking up space in the drawers, you can opt for kitchen utensils that fit together so as to form only one that stands and can be installed on your work plan for more convenience.

Stackable salad bowls

Joseph Joseph Likewise to avoid losing space in the drawers, you can opt for salad bowls that fit together! No less than nine utensils are found in one: from the largest salad bowl to the measuring spoon.

Space saving balance

Joseph Joseph To efficiently store your food scale, Joseph Joseph offers a model that unfolds when necessary to accommodate your bowls and other containers and weigh your food.

Cutting boards and the knife you need

Joseph Joseph To cook like a pro, the brand offers a module with several cutting boards depending on what you want to cut with the corresponding knife so as not to go wrong. It's simple, just follow the color code.

A cutting board with a tank

Joseph Joseph Finally, to cut your vegetables safely, why not opt ​​for a board with a receptacle that will accommodate your cut vegetables. This will simplify your task!