The new Schmidt bathroom products 2016 in pictures

The new Schmidt bathroom products 2016 in pictures

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Imagine the bathroom as a living room in its own right, that is the guideline of the new Schmidt bathroom collection for 2016. Functionality, comfort, style… These qualities will make you want to spend more time in this room dedicated to relaxation. Discovery in pictures.

Contemporary softness

Schmidt Graphic and refined, this bathroom is accompanied by a serene softness thanks to a new matt lacquer finish with a velvet touch. The details were also not left to chance, like the frieze that settles on the backlit mirror, for a contemporary feminine touch.

Graphic simplicity

Schmidt Because the apparent simplicity offers rest to the eye and invites serenity. A single piece of furniture thus includes storage space, double vanity top and decorative niche and is accompanied by a table mirror which gives the bathroom a larger dimension. All with a material effect on the facade which offers an ultra-designer look.

Contemporary symmetry

Schmidt The comfort of a modern bathroom? Two symmetrical basins to allow the whole family to use the bathroom at their convenience. We also add lots of storage space to offer a feeling of clean space that invites you to relax.

Contemporary charm

Schmidt To bring softness to the bathroom and a touch of charm, Schmidt has imagined furniture that takes up traditional codes with non-planar facades but in a more refined style that does not deny the contemporary style. The atmosphere becomes warm, also accentuated by the warm tones of the tiles and the intimate lighting.

The bathtub as a centerpiece

Schmidt An element of lust for relaxation lovers, the bathtub is also a decorative element in its own right that will set the tone of your bathroom. Schmidt imagines it as an island and in a rectangle version with graphic and contemporary lines. To accentuate this effect? Glass shelves in colorful niches to meet the refined spirit of the bathtub.

Furniture dedicated to beauty

Schmidt Designed as a real living room, the bathroom thus welcomes new pieces of furniture. The dressing table that was previously found mainly in the bedroom comes to settle in this room thanks to furniture designed to adapt to the harmony of the bathroom. For an ode to beauty.

The bathroom as a loft

Schmidt Schmidt has thought of those who imagine their bathroom in the image of their home: large open space, neat materials and refined spirit for a loft atmosphere guaranteed even in the napkin holder with the scale look.

Black and white graphic

Schmidt For a graphic and contemporary bathroom, Schmidt does not only play with pure lines but accompanies the whole of a play of contrast in black and white which one finds as well in the furniture as in the tiling of the shower . All in style: metro type tiles, storage space that could find their place in the living room and sculptural furniture.

Delimited spaces

Schmidt In the Schmidt bathroom, each space has its function. The shower is demarcated by a large glass wall, the basins are installed on a section of wall, the cupboards are hidden in another and a recess serves as space to change.


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