Puzzle and Mistral: two new tiling collections for Mutina

Puzzle and Mistral: two new tiling collections for Mutina

After the designers Patricia Urquiola, Inga Sempé, Rodophe Dordoni or even the Bourroullec brothers, it is the turn of the London design and architecture firm Barber & Osgerby to join the Italian brand of high-end ceramic tiles Mutina. On the program, two new collections intended for floors and walls: Puzzle, a range of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles with multicolored geometric patterns and Mistral, a range of terracotta blocks. Presentation.

Puzzle: a graphic collection

Mutina The first collection, dubbed Puzzle, is a range of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles with simple and geometric lines, which makes it possible to create a multitude of combinations on the floor and on the wall for ever more possibilities and decorative associations.

Puzzle: a versatile collection

Mutina Depending on the colors chosen and the way the tiles are arranged, Puzzle allows you to create a tone-on-tone decor or, on the contrary, more graphic thanks to the many patterns available: semi-circles, triangles and rectangles ... the possibilities are endless!

Puzzle: an inspired and inspiring collection

Mutina The collection includes eight chromatic families. The neutral colors represent the northern islands of Faroe, Gotland, Aland, Anglesey and Skye, while the warmer hues are inspired by the Mediterranean islands: Crete, Milos and Murano.

Puzzle: Association à la carte

Mutina Each family offers six graphic patterns in three colors, two symmetrical patterns in two colors and three plain variations. Thus, all associations are allowed, even the most daring.

Puzzle: standard size

Mutina Another originality of this tile: its 25x25 cm format, somewhat unusual in the world of ceramics and its thickness of 14 mm for comfort and absolute refinement.

Mistral: Mediterranean inspirations

Mutina With its design inspired by Mediterranean tiles and its graphic accents, the second collection called Mistral gives rhythm and relief to the decoration of our interiors and exteriors with style and refinement.

Mistral: 5 nude colors

Mutina Composed of five basic neutral colors: black, white, pearl, coral and beige, this collection of three-dimensional terracotta partitions makes it possible to create a multitude of decorative combinations on walls as on the floor, indoors and outdoors. 'outside.

Mistral: multiple configurations

Mutina Placed horizontally, vertically, closed or open ... all poses are allowed and adapt to the needs and desires of each.

Mistral: a collection adapted to outdoor spaces

Mutina The originality of the collection: the terracotta blocks can be stacked to form ventilated sunscreens.