Powder pink accompanies the snack

Powder pink accompanies the snack

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With the arrival of the summer, the table decoration of our snacks sees life in pink. Feminine at will, the pink color evokes delicacy, voluptuousness and tenderness and gives all our tables a refreshing and springy style that is most appreciable. Romantic atmosphere, retro style or rather girly, powder pink has something to seduce. Without further ado, discover ten pink decorative accessories for a refined and elegant table decoration.

Plates with floral patterns for the summer

The floral patterns are back in force and invite themselves on the decoration of our table. Fall for these sublime plates with refined and elegant decorations made of small flowers and small birds. We like the pretty golden finishes on the edge of the dishes.

A chic table decoration

Quid Fancy a classic and timeless table decoration for your snack? The Constance collection of plates, espresso and coffee cups is made for you. Sober and chic at the same time, you will love their refined finish without any fault in taste.

Pompoms for a feminine table decoration

Original Wedding Bringing a touch of extravagance to your classic style snack table becomes child's play thanks to these sublime pompoms designed in tissue paper. Arranged on the table or suspended, do not hesitate to mix sizes and shades of pink color for a girly table decoration.

Scandinavian table decoration

Iittala The Scandinavian trend is gently invited into our table decoration. Powdered pink cups, white plates, stylized patterns and simple, clean lines for a warm and exotic yet classic taste.

A tangy table decoration

Table runner Tired of impersonal and devoid of taste tables? Forget the traditional tablecloth and bring fantasy to your table by betting on a pink table runner that you will associate with gray dishes and a few vibrant and sparkling decorative elements arranged here and there.

A romantic and retro table bell

Maisons du Monde Bring a touch of romance and a touch of poetry to your snack table with the charming glass bell from Maisons du Monde. Mounted on a pink metal foot with serrated effect, for the novelty side, it will elegantly welcome all your little sweets.

Powdery pink and chocolate hues for my snack

Siléa For a gourmet and out-of-the-ordinary table decoration, we select place mats in chocolate and beige hues that we associate with refined candy pink dishes. A color mix that has it all.

A nostalgic table decor

Maisons du Monde For a taste placed under the sign of purity and delicacy, we put on light shades. A delicate white tablecloth, candles and powder pink cake boxes, stylized decorative accessories for a feminine taste and a romantic touch.

A dynamic table decoration

What about fed up with tasteless snack tables and want to bring a touch of whimsy to your table decoration? We opt for very graphic plates with powdered pink and gray spirals that we associate with colored glasses to bring a little dynamism to a table that is too monotonous.