The table is set to trompe-l'oeil

The table is set to trompe-l'oeil

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The art of trompe-l'oeil wins the dining table to fuel our meals with fantasy, surprises and poetry. Discover our selection of the most beautiful illusions.

Chic and relaxed

Day Collection Faux crumpled silk tablecloth, cutlery and napkins placed in bulk: if this chic table seems to have been hastily set up, it is ultimately only illusory! Or when the sham plays on our senses ...


The Collection Adorable this flexible placemat in trompe-l'oeil fashion. To put on the table of the house, to take away at school or picnic, this is something to spoil the children!

Both sides

Daycollection Double-sided prints and an abundance of patchwork: this is the flagship theme of this astonishing tablecloth allowing table sets, plates and cutlery to appear in trompe-l'oeil. As chic as it is unusual!

Tea time

Day Collection Nice pair of table runners praising tea time. Adorned with digital prints of teapots, cups and origami folds, they seem ready to welcome us at 5 p.m., whether on a yellow / green background or a lilac background.


Daycollection The illusion is striking: a table set on which the cutlery, fork, spoon and knife of the great century version are placed. We really believe it!

Poppy field

Vegetable tablecloth Imagine a little your summer table dressed in a poppy field tablecloth. Planted in the middle of the garden, it would blend perfectly with the outdoor greenery!


Daycollection The placemats are romantic… masculine. Handwritten letter and computer inscriptions accompanied by a lighter or a small glass: we love it!


Daycollection Do you eat Japanese? With this table set, displaying a plate and chopsticks, it's the menu for every day of the week ... at least visually!