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Fermob's summer tables

Fermob's summer tables

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Fermob never ceases to sparkle the garden with its metallic furniture which is dressed in pretty colors Carrot, Poppy or Rosemary ... For this summer, the French brand invites you to sit in the garden or on the terrace for an outdoor meal worthy of the name.

At the family table

Fermob / Delphine Chanet No need to meet around a meal to spend a moment at the family table. The large Fermob tables offer you a perfect space for all your outdoor activities. We then opt for a beautiful table to which we add comfortable chairs.

Duo of colors

Fermob / Julie Ansiau To twist your garden and maximize the style of Fermob tables, bet on a duo of vitamin colors that will highlight each other. Some ideas: red and purple, red orange, purple and green ... Everything is in contrast to bring more good humor!

All at the table

Fermob / Stephane Rambaud Need a space-saving table that can accommodate everyone? The Costa model, all in aluminum, is light but very stable for those who like large summer tables. Perfect for inviting everyone by the pool.

Travel by the sea

Fermob The Biarritz table takes you on a trip for summer meals that can accommodate up to 14 people thanks to extensions hidden under the tray. We adopt it in red to give pep to any terrace.

Classic charm

Fermob To remind you of your walks in the famous Parisian garden, the Luxembourg table and chairs play the legendary card. Available in the 23 colors of the brand, it will take classic or contemporary looks according to your choices. To be accommodated without moderation with colored chairs.

Also on the balcony

Fermob Who says you need a garden to buy a Fermob table? Certainly not the brand that offers tables for all sizes and even models that fold to take up less space when you don't need it. Color on the balcony, we say yes!


Fermob / Julie Ansiau With Bellevie, Fermob is betting on the generosity of a large table with a timeless design that we would happily associate with a bench and a few chairs to accentuate the family effect that invites everyone to settle down. The winning vitamin duo: orange with a touch of white to bring freshness.

Natural ambiance

Fermob / Stéphane Rambaud The color associations are almost endless at Fermob and they will allow you to create your own style and set the tone for your garden. For a natural and contemporary atmosphere at the same time, we adopt the Biarritz table in a bright gray to which we add anise green chairs.

Tables to combine

Fermob What if to change and create your own style you would prefer several small tables to combine rather than a large table? Easy with the brand's iconic Bistro folding tables. We then associate the chairs of the same range by playing with the colors. We fold and unfold as needed.


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