Ideas to light up the house!

Ideas to light up the house!

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To create a warm atmosphere in the house, nothing like careful lighting that offers multiple light points in your rooms. And the possibilities are numerous! This is why we invite you to discover some ideas to illuminate your interior.

Shelves of light

To dress your wall while bringing mood light into your space, you can install shelves on which you will accumulate identical light fixtures.

A backlit headboard

If you want a mood light in the bedroom, think of some tips! You can for example opt for a strip of LEDs that you will place behind the headboard to give it a very poetic light look.

Small lamps in the living room

To create a warm atmosphere in the living room, it will be necessary to multiply the light points in order to invest the entire surface of the room. You will place small lamps on different pieces of furniture in the room.

Practical lights

Also consider having lights that will have an aesthetic function but which will also be particularly appreciated for the practical side. For example, in the kitchen you can place a hanging lamp above a worktop to light it well.

Wall sconces

In addition to your usual pendant lights, you can add sconces to your room to enhance a wall and distribute the light in your room. Note that the sconces generally arise in pairs!

A suspension above the table

To enhance your different spaces, know that you can perfectly use the lighting! We will then bet on a suspension that we will place just above the table to materialize the dining room.

Multiple suspensions

To create a decorative effect in your rooms, you can multiply the identical suspensions in order to create an accumulation that will be very decorative above a table or in a corridor.

A floor lamp in the living room

To give height to your living room near your sofa, you can bet on a floor lamp that will provide extra light for your evenings in the living room.

An original lamp

Finally, to create the decor in any room, you can opt for a nice size light that will act as decorative sculpture in your interior.