A home for car enthusiasts

A home for car enthusiasts

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Direction Japan for the visit of an exceptional house. The architect who imagined the project, Yoshiaki Yamashita, wanted to meet an equally exceptional expectation from his customers: to display their collector car within their own home. If the bet was not easy, Yoshiaki Yamashita took it up with flying colors by creating a house that takes up traditional Japanese codes, takes inspiration from geometric cubism and places the automobile at the heart of living space, image of a giant painting. takes you to Kyoto to visit this unusual place, in which to expose a car is a daily business.

A classic car on display in the living room

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates The house, located in Japan, in Kyoto, was designed to meet the very specific expectations of a couple passionate about cars. Their requirement? Being able to place their racing car in the center of the house, like a work of art. This is how the garage, traditionally installed outside the living space, has become a fully-fledged room, visible from the kitchen and the living room, through a workshop-style canopy.

Three-dimensional art

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates In the living room, open onto the kitchen and the garage, you can admire the classic car through the magnificent glass roof from the sofa. Here, the automobile becomes art and the garage becomes a private exhibition space. Similar to a museum, this ultra-refined accommodation becomes both minimalist and very personalized.

A garage that turns into a terrace

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates When the car is out, the garage is nonetheless an important living space since it becomes a pleasant terrace. Fully glazed, it enlarges the perspectives and is part of an open-plan and refined vision of the house.

Wood and minimalist: a successful duo

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates In the garage, the architect wanted to break the relative coldness of the polished concrete floor and an open space, glazed and with white walls, by installing wood in the form of a ceiling, inspired by old beams. We love this daring and unconventional blend that revisits the minimalist spirit.

Japanese style open kitchen

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates Facing the garage, the splendid open kitchen, designed in continuity with the rest of the house, stands out naturally. Made with noble materials, it has a huge work plan that we particularly like. In terms of colors, we stay in natural and sober shades, such as greige, white and black, symbols of unadorned elegance.

Japanese garden in the house

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates The bedroom and the bathroom are installed around a second interior patio, smaller and more flowery than the garage, which allows maximum circulation of light. We love this wooden glass roof, which responds to the wall panel, inspired by Japanese panels, which also mixes wood and glass with elegance.

Bathroom open to the garage

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates The bathroom, adjoining the patio, is perfectly done. Faithful representation of Japanese style and subtle blend of design and architecture, it inspires well-being from the first glance. His particuliarity ? A double opening, on the garage and on the small Japanese garden, which allows to admire in turn human and natural creations.

A clean room with a view

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates The bedroom, located on the other side of the "day" section, uses Japanese codes in its minimalist approach to housing. Waxed concrete on the floor, white curtain and fixed glass create an atmosphere conducive to calm and meditation. Here, no superfluity but controlled and sober lines, open on the small adjoining Japanese garden.

Precision down to the smallest detail

eiji TOMITA for Yoshiaki Yamashita architect & associates The day area is visually separated from the night area by a sleek corridor. We like the door of the room, a deep black, which contrasts with the clarity of the place. Here and there, nature interferes in a very controlled conception of space. The luminaires, all similar, also play the minimalism card with XXL bulb bulbs, simply suspended. An impressive staging of precision, for an extraordinary project. More info on


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