The country house that we are transporting

The country house that we are transporting

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"Tomorrow I would like to have a breathtaking view of the Spanish countryside from my living room". A dream come true with the APH80, the transportable country house. Designed by the Spanish architecture office Ábaton, this house with a name from the future was designed for two people. Nomadic and modern, it includes an open living room with kitchen, a double bedroom and a bathroom. Dream visit.

In the middle of the countryside

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA As in the picture, you can install it in the middle of a field. Once deposited, the imitation wood concrete plates of the facade open and reveal the beautiful bay window of the living room.

Choose your view, a real luxury

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA The beautiful leather sofa in the living room, installed facing the bay window, allows you to enjoy the view chosen during the installation of the house at any time.

A large picture window

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA Inside, everything has been installed and imagined in collaboration with the design studios Batavia. The large picture window allows a beautiful light and a view of the most exotic!

Scandinavian design

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA Full length and full feet (for obvious practical reasons), the ÁPH80 is tastefully decorated. We find a predominance of Scandinavian style with light wood and furniture with clean lines.

A functional kitchen

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA Small but functional, the kitchen is open to the living room. It has hotplates, a sink, a hood and some storage. A simplicity in the decor that highlights the originality of the place and its extraordinary view.

A large living room

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA Despite the small size of the house (27 m2), the living room is rather spacious. It still accommodates a nice two-seater leather sofa, a coffee table, two pastel armchairs and a small pouffe.

A real room

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA In the bedroom, no space is lost. You can still integrate a double bed. To save space, the storage shelf has been fixed above the bed.

Windows in every room

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA In our pretty transportable little house, each room benefits from natural light thanks to large windows.

The bathroom

Juan Baraja / ÁBATON / BATAVIA In the small bathroom, everything is beige and white. Located behind the kitchen, it lacks nothing. Toilets, shower, sink and storage are available. Transportable house ÁPH80, from € 21,900 Architectural project and construction: ÁBATON Architecture and interior design: ÁBATON and BATAVIA


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