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Decorative coaching: revisiting a classic style interior

Decorative coaching: revisiting a classic style interior

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A young couple wanted to sublimate the classic style home they had just acquired, after having had a real crush on the building. This family of four spends a lot of time at home because one of the parents works from home. The owners' questions relate to the L-shaped layout of the living room, the exclusive presence of a room dedicated to the dining room and the location of the office. They therefore called on the My Interior Custom Made decoration coaching agency to help them with their project.

Inventory: a large L-shaped living room

Agence MISM Large volume in the shape of an "L", the living room has at its end a magnificent fireplace, which the owners wish to have repainted to enhance it.

Inventory: a marble floor in the dining room

Agence MISM The dining room is located between the entrance and the kitchen. Like the living room, it will be painted yellow / eggshell and its marble floor will be preserved. The family wonders about the usefulness of a "dining room" room with a single function for everyday life, since it receives little.

Inventory: a bright office with two large windows

Agence MISM The office is located on the 1st floor and benefits like the rest of the house from beautification works. To reflect natural light as much as possible, the walls are white with light parquet floors. The room has many advantages with two large windows, an integrated wall cupboard, as well as the presence of a rosette at the level of the wire outlet of the ceiling light. The future layout will consist of a wenge desk and two white IKEA bookcases owned by the owner.

Sketch for a classic style living room

Agence MISM The owners wish to keep the "classic / romantic" spirit of the house, particularly present in the living room with the old parquet floors and the large molded fireplace.

Map and shopping board for a classic style lounge

MISM agency The MISM agency offers owners to furnish this space with a large 6-seat corner sofa chosen in linen / beige tones, which is associated with a large carpet in the same tones, an armchair and a square coffee table in White wood. The "romantic" spirit is thus preserved and the family can enjoy moments of relaxation in a friendly atmosphere. The fireplace will be repainted in a tone in harmony with the walls and furniture so as to integrate into the space and revive the colors of the decorative plant elements. The agency offers owners to install two aged wooden consoles on each side of the fireplace, which will match the decor and can accommodate various objects. For television, a tilting wall mount is recommended so that it is perfectly visible from the sofa. In the second part of the living room, which is near the entrance, the agency offers the purchase of a console, allowing the extension of the entrance with a large frame / mirror: the latter will have the advantage of reflecting the garden, with a lamppost and an aged bird cage in which a light garland will be slipped. The whole guaranteeing a warm and romantic welcome. Opposite, a large, open white wooden bookcase will be installed with a round carpet, a pedestal table and a taupe armchair which will form a "reading corner". Between the two windows, the MISM agency suggests placing a low sideboard in white wood, of the same range as the library, to standardize the space. Simple decorative elements such as table lamps, paintings, candlesticks, floral arrangements will complete the decoration in the "family home" spirit. Light gray / beige curtains with eyelets will be installed at each window, and wall shelves will be placed above the three radiators for easy storage. Finally, contemporary / classic style wall lights will be installed, always in the romantic spirit of this beautiful space. Yellow in color, they will match the walls.

Sketch for a classic style dining room

Agence MISM The owners doubt the usefulness of a single-function dining room because they receive little. The room being contiguous to the kitchen, the agency MISM proposes to keep it its initial function by means of an extendable table and upholstered chairs, to which a console is added. This room can be used as an office during the weekends worked, or simply as a leisure space for children (drawings, board games ...).

Plan and shopping board for a classic style dining room

Agence MISM The walls will be painted in yellow / eggshell, as defined by the couple, and the marble floor will be preserved. On the walls, on either side of the window, two "favorite" paintings will be set up with wall fixings and lit by spotlights already integrated into the ceiling. In addition to the table and chairs, a console will be provided, which will store dishes and items used in everyday life. In the upper part, on the wall, the agency suggests installing a frame / table with shelves to display various decorative objects. On each side, two more contemporary wall lights will be attached, always in harmony with the classic style of the place.

Sketch for a designer office

Agence MISM On the 1st floor, this room will be used for daily work during the week. It will be furnished with a wenge desk (Habitat), as well as a large white library (Ikea).

Shopping plan and board for a designer office

MISM agency The MISM agency offers owners to complete this decoration with two blue office chairs (Ikea), as well as a large white aerial suspension (Petite Friture), a classic of contemporary design: the latter will be enhanced by the rosette already present on the ceiling. At the level of the window, we suggest the installation of a carved shelf to paint in blue "Pluie d'été" (La Seigneurie), at a height of 0.62 m (in light of the window), allowing the storage in the lower part without obstructing the worktop. Finally, the wall where the Ikea white library is located will be completed with the same blue paint as the shelf. All of this decoration will be harmonized with wood, white and blue tones, colors conducive to calm and concentration.

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