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Recovered ideas for storage in the toilet

Recovered ideas for storage in the toilet

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Whether cramped or spacious, associated or not with the bathroom, our toilets clearly lack consideration. However, they amply deserve a closer look at their decoration and layout. Especially because this room represents, in particular in small interiors, an underestimated storage space. In height for example; why not store towels, cleaning products or medicines to keep away from children? To help you create storage spaces in your toilet at low cost, we have compiled here ** the best DIY and recycled ideas ** on the web.

Copper toilet paper holder

Kristi Murphy Copper tubes were previously confined to plumbing. But in recent months, the most surprising DIY have staged them, diverting them from their primary use. This is the case here with pipes cut using a pipe cutter, suspended from the wall as a toilet paper holder. For a decoration in the raw and minimalist style. More info on this DIY: Kristi Murphy

Wooden towel rack

I love Queen Charlotte What do we like about creating from recycled items? The simplicity ! This is why this DIY speaks to us so much. Driftwood collected at the edge of the beach to be pierced on both sides, a rope to pass through the holes ... Here you are with a very original towel rack, to slide everywhere! More info on this DIY: I love Queen Charlotte

Magazine rack in wooden battens

Four generation one roof The blogger of Four generation one roof may not be a fan of magazines in the toilets ... it is clear that they are there and that they must find a place! With the remains of wooden cleats, the young woman therefore creates a frame which she screws into the wall before painting it. The result is a very thin shelf, perfectly suited for magazine storage. More info on this DIY: Four generation one roof

Niche thanks to a fruit crate

Revistaad What do we do with the rolls of toilet paper waiting for their turn? Rather than placing them on the ground, in an unsuitable basket that picks up dust, we opt for a heathered or recovered fruit box at the bottom of the attic. Generally deeper and wider than a wine case, it allows you to store the entire stock of toilet paper. And to arrange it in height, a drill or a special wood glue gun is suitable. More info on this inspiration: Revistaad

Soap and magazine storage

Rogue Engineer We spoil you. Here is not one but two recuperated ideas for your toilet. The first is for the more DIY enthusiasts. It involves assembling scrap wood and then painting it in order to create a frame on which pieces of battens are fixed as mini shelves. The other inspiration is for the more bargain hunters among you: those who will fall in love with an old blind during a garage sale. By attaching this shutter to the wall, make it a very original magazine rack. More info on this inspiration: Rogue Engineer

Crate storage

Mireia's workshops In decoration, crates are popular, conducive to transformations and diversions! Here, the crate was painted gray and the small lockers were specially made with pieces of cardboard. They were also painted before being fixed using a hot glue gun. It remains only to suspend the creation above the WC! More info on this inspiration: Mireia's workshops

Customized medicine cabinet

Beautiful matters Transform an old medicine cabinet that has had its day. The idea here is to revamp a very pretty vintage oval mirror by repainting it and braiding a cord to surround the glass. Then, position it in front of the medicine cabinet by replacing the old door. To do this, the mirror is fixed to the small piece of furniture using a hook. However, you will have to remove it each time you want to recover an object in the medicine cabinet. More info on this inspiration: Beautiful matters

Wood and leather shelf

Made by Rachel The shelves made of recycled materials are very trendy. Like this one, which has found its place in the toilet and bathroom area. Unused leather belts support old wooden planks. With parquet slats, it works too! These shelves are not made to be overloaded but are perfectly suitable for a few gloves, a candle, a soliflore or a roll of toilet paper. More info on this inspiration: Made by Rachel

Locker with old objects

Funky junk interiors The most unusual objects can be diverted. The proof with this little locker, actually made up of a wine case and… an old rusty license plate. It was enough to screw it to the wooden case before fixing the assembly to the wall with a drill. Convenient for storing toilet paper, a few towels or even creating a mini medicine cabinet. More info on this inspiration: Funky junk interiors