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The garden offers stripes in fine weather

The garden offers stripes in fine weather

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Weakened by the winter months, the garden needs to be taken care of. On the decorative side, the colorful Tissage de Luz stripes are the ideal ingredient to invigorate it. Bright boosters, they light up in contact with the green so that at the first rays of sun it regains its appearance.

Multicolored tea towels

Weaving of Luz Rose, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, red… a real chromatic cocktail takes possession of the tea towels. Ideal for adding a dose of good humor to your kitchen.

The lunch table

Tissage de Luz In fine weather, the lunch table goes down to the last detail, right down to the very fresh rosé in the same tones as the tablecloth!

Relaxing by the pool

Tissage de Luz A little nap by the pool, lulled by the clicking of water, is essential in fine weather. Just because you sleep doesn't mean you have to neglect the decor!

Relaxing in the house

Tissage de Luz A break is essential, rediscover the pleasure of relaxing, comfortably installed on cushions with bayadère stripes. And yes even with your eyes closed you don't forget to be decorative!

We are preparing the garden

Tissage de Luz What are fine, wide and with multiple colors, the stripes flirt with the garden to give it a cheerful air.

In the kitchen

Tissage de Luz We are busy making good meals and we don't forget to be at the cutting edge of decor with the multi-colored striped tea towels coordinated with the apron.

At the water's edge

Tissage de Luz Set the table in the heart of nature and match your decor with the environment. Here it is the blue of the sea which sets the tone for the decor.

And good appetite, of course !

Tissage de Luz In the evening we extend the pleasure of being at the table outside. In a variation of blues enhanced with white, take the time to savor its exceptional moments.

We put everything away

Tissage de Luz At nightfall, we fold up the lounge chairs, put the fabrics under cover and wait impatiently for the next day to put them back.