Hotel Panache: a Parisian address with retro chic decor

Hotel Panache: a Parisian address with retro chic decor

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The Panache Hotel is hidden in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, a stone's throw from the Drouot and Folies Bergères auction rooms. This refuge for travelers in the sense of sharp aesthetics, totally staged by the interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon, who signs here his fourth hotel, does not lack panache, that's for sure! Combining Art Deco inspiration and contemporary design, this corner building built at the end of the 19th century aims to reflect a Parisian lifestyle, chic and unique. invites you to discover in pictures this hotel with its subtle decoration.

Art deco revisited

Hôtel Panache The reception sets the tone. Dark walnut woodwork, graphic marble, and mosaics on the floor combine in an elegant monochrome. We love the rhythm driven by the mix of materials and colors, which enlivens the space without ever rushing it. The brass lights bring the Art Deco and warm side of the old cafes.

A restaurant in an old pastry shop

Hôtel Panache On the ground floor, the former Zazou pastry shop now houses a popular restaurant under the direction of David Lanher. The decoration, always produced by Dorothée Meilichzon, harmonizes with the rest of the premises. Velvet fabrics, orange and blue, invite themselves alongside mosaics and tables in walnut. The cuisine is creative, natural and made from fresh products.

A room made of beautiful materials

Hôtel Panache As for the bedroom, we love the fine details and the quality of the materials. Thick carpet, Damascus fabric and brass light fixtures add elegance to the place. The superior rooms have designer maple furniture and the headboard, decorated with a golden engraving, brings a retro but controlled touch to the whole.

Skillfully mastered retro

Hôtel Panache The classic rooms skillfully combine contemporary decor with vintage touches. We really like the retro tapestries, here in a very beautiful jungle green, which personalize the rooms from 15 to 18m² as well as the antique objects staged, with delicate notes, here and there.

The elegance of a successful mix & match

Hôtel Panache In the classic room, there is a patterned wallpaper and blue-green paint is used in the office part to delimit the space. We love this effect which enlarges the space while giving it character. Finally, there are the magnificent lights that play brass and white, in a very chic Art Deco spirit.

A dream suite

Hôtel Panache The hotel also offers spacious suites from 18 to 25m² which can accommodate two adults and a child. In the living room, there are seats with a twentieth design look covered in a pretty blue-lavender, soft and bright. The coffee table is made of imposing white marble, and its tubular metal base recalls that of the armchairs, in perfect harmony. A luxurious setting in the heart of Paris.

Graphic perspectives in the sequel

Hôtel Panache In the suite, there is a very nice sofa with clean lines. Above, a geometric mirror reflects a suspension in glass and brass, with elegant simplicity. The patterns of the carpet, worked in shades of gray, enhance everything for a flawless consistency. A flawless one that hits the bull's eye.

A comfortable retro bathroom

Hôtel Panache The suite's very spacious bathroom is inspired by a bygone Parisian era. We really like the ceramic pedestal sinks that combine with steep mirrors, and also the large corner bathtub tucked under the roofs that stands out as a call to the well-being of the body and the eyes.

Parisian poetry on the balcony

Hôtel Panache Some rooms have terraces, typically Parisian with their wrought iron railings. Equipped with bistro garden furniture, these small outdoor spaces remind us that we are in Paris, in the heart of the very intoxicating 9th arrondissement. You can clearly see yourself talking about painting, theater or literature at sunset. MORE info on


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