Fly: the top 10 editorial favorites

Fly: the top 10 editorial favorites

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This year, Fly imagines different atmospheres in the living room and in the bedroom, and at prices that are always just as low. The brand takes hold of the latest trends to make them more accessible, through a selection of furniture and decorative accessories. The editorial was at the press presentation this morning and reveals its 10 favorites in pictures.

For a gentleman fan of vintage

Josiane Asmane Another living room, another atmosphere. Here, it is that of a gentleman fan of vintage, collecting accessories and cult objects. On the wall, the pretty scene consists of an old camera, a hat, a tweed jacket, photo booths and a bow tie. A simple and clever way to dress the walls while revealing his personality. * Vintage 3-seater sofa: € 499.90 Copen coffee table: from € 119.90 Tuscan suspension: € 59.99 *

British touch

Josiane Asmane Want to mix styles? A British touch on the wall with an English yoke, graphic carpets, ultra design chairs, all surfing on a symphony of red and white. Successful bet for this lovely relaxation area. * Bess dresser: € 499.90 James chair: € 59.90 Set of 2 Smarty coffee tables: € 79.90 *

The blue that makes you dream

Josiane Asmane In summer, we offer a Moroccan air to her living room, with a beautiful deep blue on the wall and pretty designer pieces, like wired coffee tables and a triple floor lamp. The must have? The gray and blue Lozy carpet in braided wool. * Star floor lamp: € 125.90 Lozy carpet: € 299 Black Ratan coffee table: € 99 *

Kids will love it too

Josiane Asmane Chez Fly, the child's bedroom is also decorative. The brand is riding the grid trend with black & white checkered furniture and baskets. We love the small Scandinavian wooden desk, which appeals to little ones as well as to teenagers.

Customizable sofas

Josiane Asmane With the My Fly program, the brand wishes to "give the freedom to compose designer furniture as it pleases". The idea? Modular and customizable furniture, which evolves according to the desires and needs of customers. Here, two new pop colors (orange and blue) adorn the Link sofa, now fitted with new armrests and removable shelves.

Darling freedom

Josiane Asmane With My Fly, a wind of freedom blows on the decor! With its 15 choices of seats and 28 feet possible, the Sixteen chair includes 400 possibilities. The principle now extends to the coffee table and stool, as well as the Arya dining table, which you can compose (almost) ad infinitum.

Tableware by Fly

Josiane Asmane On the accessories side, a slew of vases of all styles and sizes await you to brighten up your summer tables. To this is added a pretty classic tableware in degraded pastel, ideal for a country lunch. * B-Line vase: € 59.99 Pea pendant (Japanese ball): € 7.99 Muse vase: € 39.99 *

Exclusive bed linen

Josiane Asmane If the rest of the collection is already on sale, the bed linen will be released in early September. Once again, Fly is rolling out a series of duvet covers and cushions for all tastes and styles, from mohair blankets to graphic prints.

Furniture signed by independent designers

Josiane Asmane For a trendy and accessible decoration, Fly teams up with independent designers for a series of furniture at low prices. Result: furniture in beech or solid oak, lacquered, varnished, folding, modular ... no standardized product but unique and affordable. * Kiruis coffee table: € 199.90 Fold folding chair: € 29.90 Smoothy red chair € 39.90 *