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The George hotel, a decorative address for a family stay in Paris

The George hotel, a decorative address for a family stay in Paris

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Located between Opera and Montmartre, the George Opera hotel offers a new cheerful and playful decor, designed for the whole family. Signed by the young architect Sophie Hanniet, it reveals a place full of fantasies which, like a jovial mustachioed man, welcomes you with a smile and good humor.

The small living room

Hotel George Opera A small lounge is at your disposal for a snack on the go or simply to rest after having surveyed the capital.

Baby foot

Hotel George Opera From the entrance the tone is set! A real table football in the lobby awaits you for endless parties!

The breakfast room

Hotel George Opera This is a large, white room with Scandinavian-style furnishings that hosts teapots suspended as lamps, leafy rugs and touches of bright color.

Children's corner

Hotel George Opera A mini lobby just for them! Armchairs, reception area ... in short, everything you need to keep your little ones playing while you plan your day.

Blue room

Hotel George Opera Sky blue is associated with charcoal black. A duo of colors that combines the sobriety of black with the tenderness of blue for a cocooning room.

Yellow room

Hotel George Opera Each room celebrates a color. Here you will come to seek the sun. A flashy lemon yellow, it is a real vitamin cure!

Black room

Hotel George Opera The decoration of the rooms gives pride of place to patterns and colors. Here, the famous black and white houndstooth pattern rubs against a wallpaper with leaves drawn in black pencil for a very successful "Mix and match" spirit!

Triple room

Hotel George Opera Nestled under the roof, this family room with modern comfort and cozy decoration offers a lovely view over the rooftops of Paris.


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