When the toilet is installed in the bathroom

When the toilet is installed in the bathroom

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When there is no room dedicated to the toilet, the bowl then finds its place in the bathroom. To help you integrate your toilets in this room and arrange this space in an aesthetic and practical way at the same time, the editorial team invites you to discover its 20 tips in pictures.

Defined toilets

Ikea If you really mind the idea of ​​toilets in your bathroom, know that you can put up light partitions. The trick to not suffocate your room is not to install them up to the ceiling but just to put up panels to offer a little privacy. The decorative idea: install plants on the ledge.

In a corner

Ikea In a bathroom that does not overflow under the square meters, the toilets must be discreet so as not to encroach on the living space. The good idea: install them in a small niche.

Concealed toilets

Leroy Merlin You can also choose to hide them in your bathroom by matching your toilet bowl to that of your walls. See rather!

Hidden toilets

Ikea To separate the toilets in this bathroom, we chose to place them near the door, in a small recess, so as to create several visual spaces. The sanitary facilities and the storage shelves form a first space and the corner dedicated to the toilet a second.

A fictitious separation

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, each space is well defined. The sinks find their place on one side of the room, in a black cube and the toilets on the other. A good idea to separate without partitioning and identify the functions of each of the spaces.

A bright space

Ikea Why not install a semi-glass roof in your bathroom? Besides the fact that it will separate and delimit the toilets, they will benefit all day long from the light entering the bathroom.

An activity on each wall

Jacob Delafon In a square bathroom, you just have to install each element on one of the walls. The sink will preferably be installed on the wall facing the door and the bathtub and toilets on both sides.

Hanging toilets

Villeroy & Boch In a small bathroom with toilets, it is often necessary to compete with ingenuity to optimize the space. One solution is to install a suspended toilet. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, you will save space.

Hidden behind the vanity unit

Allia It's not always easy to create a small intimate corner for the toilet when it is installed in the bathroom. A good idea to remember if you have decided to opt for a large vanity unit: slide them behind! Neither seen nor known!

Toilets in total harmony

Ideal standard So that everything is in perfect harmony in the bathroom, choose only furniture and accessories in the same tones. Freestanding washbasin, toilet and bidet have been adopted here in white. The result is most successful!

Coordinate style

Cuisine Verdun Giving a decorative unit to your bathroom is a necessity! All the more so when the toilets are installed in this space. For this, it is necessary to choose a bathtub, a sink and a bowl having the same style. Here, to give a little old-fashioned scent to the room, the bathroom has been fitted with a sink and a retro toilet and a lion's foot bathtub. The result is simply sublime!

A coordinated design

Ideal standard Similarly, favor furniture with an identical design. Curved shapes for a bathroom with zen toilets or strict lines for a minimalist space.

Back to vanity unit

Ikea Another tip if you do not know where to position your toilet in the bathroom: install them back to the vanity unit. Thus, you will not have them in full view when you are preparing.

The toilet space materialized

Villeroy & Boch What if, instead of putting the toilets aside, you show them off? In this bathroom, the toilets are installed at the back of the room. To materialize them, we opted for a very graphic decorative wall splashback.

On the shower side

Ikea In this square bathroom, the decision was to position the toilets in the shower area in order to keep a large circulation space.

At the back of the room

Allia In a large bathroom that combines long vanity unit, walk-in shower and bathtub, find a small place for the toilet where it will not bother you. In a corner at the back of the room, they are a place of choice.

A color reminder

Ikea So that the toilet does not denote in the bathroom, it is important to choose a flap in the same colors as the rest of the room. Here in black, it easily recalls the basin, the storage unit and the coffee table. No false notes to report!

Transparent separation

Duravit You can also choose to highlight your toilets instead of hiding them in the bathroom. To do this, simply install a glass partition. In this way, here, you offer them a real place in the room. We say yes!

L-shaped bathroom

Espace Aubade In an L-shaped bathroom, the possibilities are fewer. Note that we generally place the bathtub at the bottom to create a cocoon of well-being and we then place the sink against one wall and the toilet on the other.


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