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Recycled objects to decorate your kitchen

Recycled objects to decorate your kitchen

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Old crates piled up in your wine cellar? A derelict bicycle wheel in your garage? A faded door lying around in your garden? And if we told you that these objects worn by time could transform, once diverted from their primary use, into decorative accessories, trendy or even offbeat for the kitchen. Explanations in pictures!

Wooden boxes diverted into reclaimed drawers

Behr paint

Stop! Do not throw away your old wooden boxes! They could be of great use to you if you are looking for storage solutions in your kitchen. The proof in pictures, with these two wooden cases transformed into daring drawers. Source: A astronauta de marmore

Crates of wine are transformed into decorative shelves

Almond eyes

Left in their raw state or covered with paint, the wine boxes turn into a handy recuperative shelf for storing our dishes and condiments. A simple idea to reproduce that has a little effect! Source: Almond eyes

Bike wheels come into the kitchen

Inside closet

Reusing spare parts for your bike is an idea to say the least. As evidenced by this bicycle wheel diverted into a moodboard. Source: Inside closet

A kitchen basket becomes a design pendant

Whipped chorizo

Cover with a spray of black paint an old metal kitchen basket, widen its central hole, integrate in this location a socket and you will get a unique suspension. Source: Chorizo ​​whipped cream

Copper rods


Warm materials, copper is an asset to create an authentic or contemporary decor. The good idea: to divert its copper rods into trendy credenza bars. Source: Nordic design

Original posters

Husband Eriksson

Enhance a section of your kitchen wall and personalize it with taste by opting for license plates as decorative posters. Or how to bring an urban touch and renew the decoration of your room at a lower cost. Source: My scandinavian home

An old tractor improvises retro kitchen table


There is better than throwing your old tractor out of use or the wreck that you no longer drive! The good idea: take a previously sanded wooden board and then reuse its shell to create a retro kitchen table. Source: RecyclArt

An old door as a table

Dolce casa studio

Left in their juices, pickled and / or repainted, our old doors turn into family tables for cooking. The proof in pictures with this door repainted in a very punchy turquoise, placed on trestles. Source: Dolce casa studio

A bottle holder to store your mugs


And why not use a bottle holder to store your mugs and coffee cups? The artist Marcel Duchamp did it and turned it into a work of art. So, it's up to you! Source: Airows