10 DIY with musical instruments

10 DIY with musical instruments

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Give a new look or a second life to your old musical instruments, that's a good idea! Diverted into an original shelf, an unusual lamp or even an indoor bar, discover without further delay 10 DIY made with a piano, a guitar or even a flute.

The blue piano

McArthur Homes Now that you have redecorated the living room, you realize that your upright piano swears with the new wallpaper. Be aware that using the right methods, you can repaint it in another color, which is still more affordable than acquiring a new one. Source: McArthur Homes

Melodious the lamp base!

Groteweb Rather than end its life in its original case, this transverse flute which no one used anymore was used by its owners as a stand for their new homemade lamp. Good game ! Source: Groteweb

A grand piano at aperitif time

Home Jelly Big crush on this grand piano transformed into a very refined wine bar! To achieve the same, patience and rigor will be required. Source: Home Jelly

Exotic music

Lovely Indeed New look for a new life! With its pineapple-like paint, your ukulele is likely to be the envy of each outing! The plus: no need to be an artist, the drawing is very easy to do. What are you waiting to get started? Source: Lovely Indeed

Light on…

Mr Luca This viola which took dust in a corner of the living room discovers a new function once fixed to the wall and equipped with a bulb. Chic and original, we love it! Source: Instructables

Drum beating

The Knife This drum snare covered with a faux tiger fur fabric will find a special place in children's rooms. Source: Instructables

Like a work of art

Close 2 My Art Completely revamped with superb paint drawings, this violin turns into a true work of art. To leave on its support or to attach to the wall ... you just have to admire it. Source: Close 2 My Art

In fanfare

Mr Balleng This trumpet mottled for three francs six sous on a flea market will not take long to find a new function! At the bottom of the lamp, it's nice too, right? Source: Instructables

A graphic and fluorescent strap

Douxie Girl Do you want originality for your support strap? Dare the graphic and fluorescent patterns made with highlighters. Your ukulele tells you in advance, thank you. Source: Douxie Girl