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Kitchen: we play with mismatched cupboard doors

Kitchen: we play with mismatched cupboard doors

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Tired of overly smooth kitchens that you find in everyone? By having fun mismatching the doors you will be able to create a kitchen that suits you. We blow you some ideas to inspire you!

A white kitchen and dark wood

Ikea Here, it's the opposite! The white kitchen occupies the majority of the cupboards and these are only a few tall cupboards that feature dark wood in order to meet the work plan and offer a harmonious space.

Two colorful cupboards to energize

Alinéa In this white kitchen, we played the originality card by incorporating a few touches of color, especially in the cupboards. Two tart green doors frame the oven and energize the whole.

A two-space kitchen

Lapeyre Mismatched doors can also allow you to define two spaces within your kitchen. For example, in this kitchen the worktop space is delimited by the beige color and the cooking and storage space has blue cupboards on an entire wall.

A kitchen with a colorful duo

Ikea For the decoration of this kitchen, we base ourselves on two colors which will share not only the fronts of the furniture but also the decorative objects. Green thus finds its place on tall cupboards and it responds to one side of the island to create a unity between the two spaces.

A kitchen awakened by red

Ikea In this kitchen, everything is almost white since we use very bright red to wake up the whole and give it character. We apply the color here on the low furniture to give importance to the work plan.

Feminized cuisine

Cuisinella For feminine cooking, no need to apply pink on all furniture. You can play with a more subtle color like purple by applying it on a wall of cupboards and making a few tall cupboards meet to create a unity.

One kitchen, three colors

Darty Note that your color duo does not necessarily include that of the wall which allows you to play in the end with three colors. In this kitchen, the white walls are the playground for blue and other black furniture for an elegant and modern look.

A row of colorful cupboards

Ikea To bring color into your kitchen, you can keep your furniture and simply opt for a row of tall cupboards that will be colorful. The effect is then original while maintaining a beautiful harmony.

Pop cuisine

Fly Finally, to bring a very pop style to your kitchen, do not hesitate to use flashy colors like this orange which will skillfully meet the chair of the kitchen table and the small accessories on the worktop.