In the apartment of a bohemian expert

In the apartment of a bohemian expert

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Author of the best-seller The New Bohemians, Justina Blakeney is none other than the American pope of the bohemian style which she presents through her works as well as her blog For, she agreed to open the doors of one of her apartments for us to discover the bohemian world in 10 shots. What inspire you and make you travel.

Love of detail

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito Nothing is left to chance and the decorator has taken care to stage each element of the decor. To decorate the walls and offer storage space, she did not hesitate to mix styles with a vintage bookcase dressed in quirky accessories and objects that inspire travel.

For the love of plants

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito The well-being secret of Justina's bohemian decor? Green plants that settle throughout the house to give it life and a wild touch. The green color also brings energy to the dining room with details painted as reminders of the plant.

A corner to dream

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito To soothe the spirit while stimulating creativity, the decorator imagined a relaxation / work corner in softer colors. The pattern never ceases to energize the whole, especially on the cushions, ubiquitous throughout the house.

A room that mixes styles

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito The bohemian spirit does not hesitate to draw elements from all cultures. Thus, the bedroom is intended to be a multi-ethnic mix that sometimes takes codes from Africa or South America. Patterns and green plants remain the common thread of decoration.

Staged accessories

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito To refine the decor, details are important and Justina knows how to stage them perfectly. His tip: jewelry from around the world displayed on a chest of drawers and accessories gathered in a wooden tray to give them scale.

In the bathroom too

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito On the bathroom side, the patterns are also installed on the walls but in an almost tone-on-tone version for more discretion. The accessories give character to the image of colorful textiles and original wall accessories.

Mixing styles

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito When a classic fireplace meets ethnic dolls and a fringed curtain, it creates a warm bohemian atmosphere that does not hesitate to confuse the codes and awaken the decor with a touch of madness.

A revisited garden furniture

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito To give a bohemian air to a traditional garden furniture, Justina has simply revisited the whole with colorful textiles that completely change the style of the furniture. Some ethnic carpets on the floor and the terrace is completely transformed.

A garden as a living room

Justina Blakeney-The Jungalow / Dabito And to give life to every corner of the garden, textiles are also allies of the bohemian icon: patterned cushions and a sheepskin on a border and that's all transformed into a small living room reading.