The prettiest ceiling fans: our selection

The prettiest ceiling fans: our selection

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Long considered corny, the ceiling fan makes a triumphant return to the decor thanks to modernized lines and flawless practicality. It remains to choose the design that will integrate your bedroom, your living room or your kitchen: has selected for you 20 models in tune with the times and for all styles.

Chrome design

Fruugo Modernity guaranteed with this fan which has a fully chrome-plated design that will sit in the most stylish and refined interiors.

Make way for beautiful materials

Faro The charm of this fan? Dark and textured wooden blades and a shape borrowed from the world of navigation to give character to your interior.

Discreet blades

Faro On this model, it is not the ventilation that catches the eye but the light that installs in the center. The three narrow blades are discreet to blend in with the decor.

Sculptural light fixture

Lumisign With its modern design in total white look, this fan becomes rather a sculptural ceiling lamp that dresses the room, ventilation in addition!

Vintage design

Ventilos-design How to combine vintage style with a decorative fan? Easy with this model of egg-style light fitting with three almost invisible ventilation blades.

Wood design version

Ventildecor In this original version, the design of the matt structure is combined with fine blades in very beautiful wood essence for a decor that is both modern and authentic.

Ventilation for modern interior

Faro In this apartment which gives pride of place to modern art, the ceiling fan blends perfectly thanks to a design and refined form for structure and transparent blades which are installed around the luminaire.

Exotic version

Faro So that those to whom this kind of fan evokes colonial decoration, bet on a model that takes an old spirit with rounded blades mounted on a metal structure.

Raw atmosphere

Faro With these long blades, this ceiling fan becomes one of the flagship elements of the decor of the room. It adopts an industrial spirit which will be ideal in a house with raw materials.

And for children too

Faro Because the little ones are also entitled to a little freshness, we offer them a multicolored model that will brighten up their room while remaining practical.

Spotlights and ventilation

Faro The originality of this ceiling fan lies in its luminaires which multiply to give adjustable spots. Or how to take care of the lighting while cooling your interior.

Classic pendant light

France For a modern interior, you can opt for this classic pendant lamp which has three blades in metallic gray for a chic decor without false note.

Contemporary exoticism

France For a decoration that highlights dark wood species for a certain contemporary exoticism, we can opt for this very beautiful mahogany-colored model. Simplicity and style!

A futuristic fan

France When ultra-design blades meet a luminaire with bold lines, this gives an ideal fan for kitchens and refined living rooms.

Optimal ventilation The more you multiply the blades, the more efficient and visible your fan will be in your interior. Then choose a model that assumes its size with beautiful materials such as chromed metal.

Futuristic discretion

Ceadesign This ceiling fan plays the card of the purity down to its structure and offers a minimalist suspension with a black ultra design look.

Modern practicality

Leroy merlin Adjustable chrome spotlights to look after the lighting, transparent blades with original and refined forms: a ceiling fan which has its place in modern interiors.

Sleek design

Leroy merlin With these three futuristic white blades, this fan seems to have been imagined for the aeronautical industry. It will find its place in any interior that wants to mix discretion and impeccable style.

For the undecided

Luceplan Can't seem to choose a model? This one will undoubtedly be yours because you will have all the leisure to get tired and start again thanks to interchangeable blades with colorful design and even with floral patterns.