Casa Fayette: a hotel that mixes art deco and contemporary

Casa Fayette: a hotel that mixes art deco and contemporary

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It is in Mexico, in Guadalajara, in the very trendy district of Colonia Lafayette, that the Casa Fayette opened its doors in 2015. It is the GrupoHabita group, which is taking the initiative, as well as that of the creation of many design hotels in Mexico. His particuliarity ? Combine two buildings, a colonial house and a modern construction, which today form one. Here, everything has been entirely decorated by the Italians of DimoreStudio, who were able to restore the colonial spirit of the city while playing the contemporary and refined menu. They therefore knew how to create a bridge between two minds to allow travelers to stay in a unique place, steeped in history, beauty and singularity. A work of balance that the designers have carried out with great elegance and refinement. Image tour of this hotel which skillfully plays with art deco and graphic design.

A jungle look bar from the 1940s

Undine Pröhl On the bar side, the decor is retro while plunging into the great jungle trend. The little toad armchairs have kept their golden fringes and covered with a pretty fabric with plant motifs. The walls display a deep emerald green which is awakened by a sublime wooden and brass bar. Finally, note the graphic and very elegant design of the art deco pendant lights.

The patio of the bar: a bridge between the two buildings

The patio of the bar is a sort of in-between that links the modern building, made of concrete and large glass facades, which houses the rooms, and the period house which retains colonial airs. Here, the furniture is cubic and combines textile and metal with simplicity, in a minimalist spirit. We really like this mixture of genres, between modernity, twentieth century design, straight lines and lush plants. A sublime game of balance (s).

A warm and intimate lounge

Undine Pröhl In the old part, the living room, which has a dark wooden window with small panes, invites to intimate evenings and heated discussions. We like the purple velvet sofas installed back to back to create small intimate spaces. The central marble fireplace is displayed with great force in the middle of a wall entirely covered with mirrors.

A room that refers to art deco

Undine Pröhl In the rooms, installed in a modern construction, one oscillates between skinning and references to art deco. Remarkable, the dividing panel between the bedroom and the bathroom becomes a graphic work that dresses the space with exquisite taste. The headboard, lacquered and fitted with a golden niche, is adorned with a very original almond green. A unique setting that DimoreStudio brilliantly signs.

A bird's eye view of the city from the room

Undine Pröhl The hotel rooms and suites have a dominant view of the city. We really like this glass wall, again worked in a graphic spirit with its black metal uprights. To warm up this space open to the outside, there are small toad armchairs, more modern and designed than in the bar, a red that is both dark and intense.

Full marble bathroom

Undine Pröhl On the bathroom side, the decorators opted for a marble envelope. Floor, wall and showers are fully covered. A luxury that is dressed in retro touches like this pedestal washbasin in ceramic and a suspension worked in glass and chromed metal.

A 107m² suite that amazes the pupils

Undine Pröhl In the 107m² suites, equipped with a private terrace overlooking the pool house, we love everything! The white marble bar is skillfully highlighted by cubic sconces, once again marked art deco, and a sliding door in frosted glass panels playing the bluish and graphic nuances. A wonder for the eyes.

A spa with rooftop terrace

Undine Pröhl A spa is installed in the hotel to enjoy a stay devoted to beauty and well-being. There is a magnificent terrace with a view of the city, framed by a balustrade made of frosted glass panels.

An intimate above-ground swimming pool

Undine Pröhl Opposite the house, an above-ground swimming pool creates an intimate and peaceful space. Green, the place mixes modernity and historic soul. It is decorated with shaded corners to preserve the privacy of everyone in this shared place.


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