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Proof by 10 that a chair will be a perfect bedside table

Proof by 10 that a chair will be a perfect bedside table

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The bedside table is not the most trendy piece of furniture at the moment. She has a somewhat old-fashioned reputation, and yet it is still very practical for placing small objects next to her bed. You will see that chairs - more or less classic - can be diverted to act as original bedside tables. Let's go !

A wooden chair in a Scandinavian room

Alvhem To give a Nordic style to your bedroom, bet on white or black colors and wooden furniture, like this chair as a bedside table which you can use to put a lamp but also clothes. Source: Alvhem Blog

An industrial and urban style

Urban Outfitters In this minimalist bedroom, the metal stool brings an industrial and contemporary look to the room. It is ideal for storing your bedside books at the right height if your box spring is not high or if your mattress is placed on a wooden pallet for example.

Opt for an original chair

Madeleine Décoration This two-tone seat is wide enough to be used as an original bedside table. It can accommodate a small bedside lamp, an alarm clock but also your favorite decorative items. Price: 130 euros

Ethnic style in a master bedroom

No home without you blog To avoid cluttering the space and having a clean bedroom, it is better not to overload the room with furniture. Prefer donations of dual-use furniture such as this very simple chair which acts as a bedside table but can also serve as an easel. Source: Blog No home without you

A modern seat as a bedside table

Blanc des Vosges In this very contemporary room, a simple chair and a side table are installed as bedside tables on each side of the bed. It is a good way to save space and to be able to circulate better around it.

An exotic wind blows on the room

Arro Home At Arro Home, the trend is with exotic patterns and shimmering colors. And the bedroom is not spared! To extend the trip, this little rattan seat will go perfectly with the sides of a colorful bed or bench.

Give a unique style to the room

Mia Josefsson With a beautiful designer chair, the bedroom looks like a movie star. To enhance it, nothing like using it as a bedside table to put among other books, glasses and jewelry. Source: Nordic Days Blog

Choose a colored wooden seat

Blanc des Vosges To boost a fairly sober room, choose a patterned bed linen and a colorful chair to replace your old bedside table. In two stages, three movements, you will give a sacred facelift to your room.

A rattan chair in pastel color

La Redoute Iinterieurs If you like baby colors, opt for a Zen atmosphere in your room with pastel shades. A rattan chair in the same color as your linens will be perfectly suitable as a bedside table. You can even repaint an old grandmother's seat.