Stairs to the garden: choose your style

Stairs to the garden: choose your style

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When the garden is sloping or has different levels, why not integrate a few steps to facilitate access? In wood, stone or sandstone, they will add style to your outdoor space. Take your pick from this slideshow!

A staircase for your garden shed

Leroy Merlin To magnify your garden shed and give it a real style, add a few steps to the entrance of this room in addition, you will better define the garden space and bring a more elegant appearance to the cabin.

A terraced staircase

Samstroy Why not use the stairs to create a perfectly structured garden? To make these become a real decorative element in a garden with a geometric tendency, add landings and do not chain the steps one after the other.

A staircase for a Zen garden

Cessous Paysagiste The secret of a successful Zen garden? Different structured spaces that alternate vegetation and minerals. The staircase then energizes the whole and allows you to create a higher level. A few steps are enough.

A staircase to differentiate spaces

Leroy Merlin Whether it's a terrace or a real garden, the staircase allows you to organize the space. With only a few steps, you can create different atmospheres perfectly delimited but always in harmony as here with a slightly raised relaxation area.

A staircase to give character to the garden

The Royal Kerbonian - Exteriorscapes If your garden has a slight slope, the staircase is not compulsory; however, it will allow you to give character to your space and create an atmosphere. Why not try a few randomly placed stone slabs to create a natural staircase?

A staircase to set the decorative tone

Castorama Do you want to create a real decorative atmosphere in your garden? The staircase is your ally! In this garden, we use a few concrete steps, reminiscent of the terrace, to mark a very trendy contemporary style. A decorative tip that has its effect!

A staircase to structure the space

Castorama A terrace that seems too imposing for your home? The stairs will allow you to structure the space and reduce this feeling. The trick is then to opt for small-scale steps in order to maintain the comfort of the space while controlling it.

A staircase that gives pride of place to nature

Point P So that the stairs do not distort the vegetal spirit of your garden, you can opt for wooden stairs made from logs. These will serve to retain the earth that will create the steps. A log ramp will better highlight this space.

A staircase in extension of your home

Point P To connect the first floor of your home to your garden, choose a staircase that blends with the architecture and style of your home. Here, we have kept the color of the facade and the columns of the terrace extend to create a ramp. The staircase becomes a central element of the facade.

A staircase that improves your garden

Leroy Merlin Made of stone, this small staircase provides access to a hidden corner of the garden. In the evening, the staircase is magnified, each step being lit by a candle.

A staircase that fits into nature

Leroy Merlin Discreetly nestled in the greenery, this wooden staircase fits perfectly into the decor.

Some wooden steps

Botanica To access the terrace, climb a few steps. Sold ready-made, these wooden steps are simply attached to the terrace.

A staircase with discretion

Castorama Made of wood like the flooring and the swimming pool, these steps blend perfectly with the decor.

A small relaxing staircase

Castorama With this wider step, here is additional space for a mattress, cushions and a well-deserved nap.

A harmonious floor and steps

Castorama In order not to break the harmony and blend into the decor, the steps of the terrace are made of the same material as the floor.

A staircase with landings

Botanica To climb or descend gradually to the pool or the terrace, prefer the stairs with landings. A stylish solution, ideal when you have a large sloping garden!

A real staircase

Hotel Rhodes For a staircase serving a two-storey dwelling, it is better to choose a structure that blends harmoniously with the facade.