"The Blue Dream": panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta

"The Blue Dream": panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta

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On the west coast of Mexico, north of the state of Jalisco is the pretty coastal town of Puerto Vallarta. Nestled in the hills overlooking the city, is a luxurious complex of three villas, among them "La Villa Sueño Azul". Literally, the name of this house translates into French as "Le Rêve bleu". It would be difficult to imagine a more appropriate name for this house which overlooks the coast and offers a panoramic view of the city. What make us dream of a Mexican vacation!

A discreet environment

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Surrounded by greenery, Villa Sueño Azul is discreet. It is accessed by a double garage.

The pool, then the view

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty When you are in the pool or on the terrace in front of the house, you can only be breathless by the superb panoramic view that awaits us.

An ideally located terrace

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty The least we can say is that the villa is ideally oriented. Looking at this image, who would not want to sit on the terrace to enjoy the scenery and admire the sunset?

A dream pool

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Classically shaped, the pool always reflects the color of the sky. There are few times of the year when you can't take advantage of it.

Nice corner of greenery

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Despite the almost incessant heat that governs the country, the villa has a well-kept green garden. Something particularly appreciable: the vis-à-vis seems to be completely nonexistent.

A large living space

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty As in most modern villas, the living space of our dream house is totally open plan. There is a sober decoration, almost black and white.

Beautiful woodwork

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty A large part of the walls of the villa is covered with wooden cupboards.

An open kitchen

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty The kitchen is fully integrated into the open living space and is only delimited by its large central island.

View room

Isaac Ortiz / PV Realty Each room is very simply decorated and fully equipped with electronic devices: television, sound system, everything is there. From the balcony of this room, you can also admire the superb panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta. Source: PV Realty


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