Bisma Eight: the luxury hotel that oscillates between design and tradition in Bali

Bisma Eight: the luxury hotel that oscillates between design and tradition in Bali

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It is on the island of Bali, in Ubud, in the heart of abundant vegetation, that the Bisma Eight opened its doors. This very chic boutique hotel invites its customers to stay in an exceptional place, concentrated in architecture, design and tradition. We love this mixture of genres which brings to the place an authentic and modern character, in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature. Image tour of a unique hotel to take another look at Indonesia.

An exceptional natural setting

Bisma Eight It was in Ubud, in the balisian lands, that Bisma Eight established itself. A forest extends around the establishment and you can see the mountains at the bottom. A magical setting to stay in the heart of an island rich in its exceptional nature.

Minimalist and modernist architecture

Hotel Bisma Eight Inside, the space has been furnished in a minimalist and elaborate manner. We really like this metal, glass and wood staircase, which is installed like a bridge over a very modern decorative basin. Many decorative objects, typical of the region, are skillfully staged to create a unique atmosphere, both modern and authentic.

Warm and spacious suites

Bisma Eight Hotel The hotel offers 38 large suites, with balconies or gardens. We like the choice of noble and authentic materials, like wood and stone, which underlines the Balisian spirit which reigns here and warms the raw, very contemporary aspect of the concrete walls. The metal, worked in a minimalist spirit, finishes perfecting an arrangement all in subtlety, at the same time design and charged with character.

A cozy living room in all rooms

Bisma Eight Each suite has a separate, cozy and tastefully furnished living room. We love the house spirit that inhabits the rooms to invite travelers to feel at home. Furniture from here and elsewhere is carefully selected to bring a serene and chic atmosphere to each home.

Rooms with views

Hôtel Bisma Eight In the Forest suites, an 8m² balcony opens onto the lush jungle. Comfort is invited in the room which remains fully open to its environment. We love the tranquility that reigns here as an invitation to contemplation.

Clean Japanese design in the bathroom

Hôtel Bisma Eight On the bathroom side, we like the wooden baths inspired by Japanese design which bring a spa air. The alliance of materials such as wood, marble and metal, invites itself with a lot of elegance in this room carefully decorated in a warm designer atmosphere.

Home cooking on the restaurant side

Hotel Bisma Eight A bar-restaurant, the Copper kitchen and bar, completes the services of this hotel where it is good to stay. Installed under a glass roof, you can taste the vegetables from the vegetable patch, which is in the garden, through a menu that delves into the Asian tradition while allowing yourself to be revisited by more contemporary culinary notes.

A dream terrace

Bisma Eight Hotel The exterior is as elaborate as the interior. A terrace decorated with pergolas and white curtains plays with perspectives and invites travelers to rest in peace. We like here the wooden, cubic and drawn tables and benches.

A swimming pool overlooking the forest

Hotel Bisma Eight If the whole hotel is sublime, the swimming pool is certainly the most magical place of the place. Overlooking the forest, it is furnished with taste and perfection. Here, we contemplate the sunset over the hundred-year-old trees. Exceptional.