A small character house in the mountains of Ibiza

A small character house in the mountains of Ibiza

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The Dutch architecture studio Standard and its Spanish branch Ibiza Interiors are renewing the architecture and decoration in Ibiza by offering a simple and contemporary design that perfectly matches the natural aspect of the island. As a showroom and guest house, they have created a small house in the mountains of Ibiza. Discovery in pictures.

A character building

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors To preserve the building's heritage, the architects kept the original materials such as the beautiful wooden beams and chose materials traditionally used on the island such as wood, concrete and white chalk. plastered. The result is authentic

Contemporary furniture

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors Ibiza Interiors offers the island a new opening on design thanks to a catalog of cutting-edge contemporary furniture. Thus, the house has been furnished with care by playing with design classics like the armchairs and by integrating pieces from partners with whom they work in Amsterdam.

A simple plan

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors Since the architects only kept the walls of the house, they adopted a simple plan which preserves the authenticity of the building. The living space therefore crosses the house and ends in a bedroom surmounted by a mezzanine when rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom are grouped together on the second half of the house.

A cuisine between tradition and modernity

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors In the kitchen, Standard and Ibiza Interiors have kept a superb stone wall which highlights the contrast between tradition and modernity of the house thanks to an association with contemporary furniture. A clever balance: elegant and rustic.

A functional space

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors The kitchen is also very functional thanks to its low work plan which accommodates on one side the sink and the hob while highlighting the stone wall. The other side meanwhile multiplies the storage space on the entire wall surface to create a compact and discreet kitchen space within the room.

A natural bathroom

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors To extend the preserved spirit of the house in the heart of the mountain, the bathroom highlights natural materials like stone and offers raw concrete furniture for a timeless result.

A comfortable space

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors From the mezzanine, one can thus appreciate even more the beautiful volumes of the small house which offers a majestic height under ceiling and thus makes it possible to integrate, in height of the walls, niches which welcome objects of decoration and dress the volume. A tip that makes all the difference.

A natural exterior

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors In the garden, there is no concrete terrace or delimited space, but room for the ruggedness and wild spirit of the mountains. We take advantage of the exceptional landscape from the hammock and dine by lantern light on the wooden table.

A swimming pool in the heart of the mountain

Standard Studio & Ibiza Interiors Finally, to enjoy the ideal climate of Ibiza, the house offers an incredible swimming pool installed in the heart of the mountain vegetation of the island for a moment of natural relaxation. More info: