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When a Madrid house from the 1950s becomes a family home

When a Madrid house from the 1950s becomes a family home

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In Madrid, the architecture studio Egue y Seta imagined a house for a couple and their children, all in love with books. The 170m2 house from the 1950s is transformed into a comfortable and welcoming family home where books become part of the decor to write a beautiful story of architecture and decoration. Visit like an open book.

A family kitchen

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto In the adjoining kitchen, the space is also warm and family-friendly. Kitchen furniture combines modernity and a classic touch with glass storage and other storage furniture disappears from view thanks to white doors that create the feeling of a partition. To warm everything up, the furniture adopts old and raw wood and the kitchen table plays the host table card.

A powder room for the ground floor

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto The conveniences of the ground floor offer a decoration at the same time modern and authentic by adopting raw materials like the concrete which settles as well on the ground as on the walls for a feeling of intimacy .

A bright bedroom

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto What is special about the house? A plan in height with levels in anyone who offer an atypical architecture as evidenced by the volume of this room where the light becomes the revealer of the refined decor.

A timeless bathroom

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto In the bathroom of the parental bedroom, the decor plays the card of the timeless with contemporary and refined furniture that mixes with a bathtub with retro lines for a very chic association. Again, the brightness is exceptional.

A children's room as a playground

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto The children's bedroom takes advantage of the beautiful volumes of the rooms to adopt a cabin-style bed that can accommodate two children and maximize the floor space to provide more play area.

A retro graphic bathroom

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto For the children's bathroom, retro charm is the order of the day with a double basin with old lines and tiled hexagonal tiles which gives all its charm to the room.

A space dedicated to relaxation

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto On the top floor, the architects imagined a playful room that extends the library on the ground floor with a space dedicated to relaxation and reading. Armchairs, sofas but above all a hanging net allow everyone to settle in after choosing their book in the monumental library.

A transformable space

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto This relaxation room can also be transformed into an independent studio and guest space thanks to a pleasant and bright mezzanine which accommodates a sleeping area. In this large room, the beautiful volumes and the height under the ceiling are then perfectly exploited.

A bathroom for guests

Egue y Seta / Vicugo Foto The guest bathroom uses a different style but keeps the thread of very bright white and raw materials such as concrete installed here on the floor. A spacious room with a contemporary style once again refined with retro touches like the washbasin or the mirror. More info:


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