A decorative touch thanks to the kitchen mat

A decorative touch thanks to the kitchen mat

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In the kitchen, we don't necessarily think of installing a carpet. And yet, this decorative and warm accessory is a real asset behind the stove. To awaken a monochrome space, define a dining area, bring color to the room or even give an optical effect, it is a great ally. We have selected for you several kitchens highlighted with a carpet.

A carpet of Mexican influence

Blog The Living Apartment In this immaculate room, the eye is immediately drawn to the colorful Mexican-style carpet that sits in the center of the kitchen. It brings warmth and a touch of exoticism to a very refined space. Source: The Living Apartment Blog

A round carpet

AMPM With a round carpet under a dining table, you will give a chic style to your American kitchen. This straw model is reminiscent of the wooden worktop and highlights the table and seats.

Reheat a small kitchen

Urban Outfitters In a narrow room, it is better to bet on decoration to make up for the lack of space. A small carpet can warm your floor to create a more cozy space in which it will be more pleasant to walk barefoot in the morning!

A carpet imitation tiling

Beija Flor Do you think this kitchen has tiles on the floor? Well think again! This is indeed a Beija Flor branded vinyl rug. This type of decorative accessory is ideal for creating an illusion and bringing color to a plain floor covering.

Install a colorful patterned rug

Studio Int2 Architecture In this graphic U-shaped kitchen, we matched the wallpaper with geometric patterns with a nice yellow and white fabric rug. What brighten up the room and bring a bright decorative touch that visually enlarges the space.

A long carpet

Ikea The long kitchen will be much more convivial with a warm carpet. Choose it preferably in a fine material and a sober color if your room is narrow. Also remember to check that the carpet is washable easily because it may get dirty more easily.

A black carpet

Ikea If you do not know which model or style to choose, know that a black carpet can also in gray kitchens or in neutral colors. The detail that makes the difference: the white stripes, to be applied lengthwise of the room for more harmony.

A trompe-l'oeil carpet

Beija Flor Admit it, you would never have thought that a carpet was installed in this Provencal cuisine. And yet, it is not a tiled floor but a carpet that gives a Mediterranean style to a bright room that overlooks a balcony or the outside.

A cloud-shaped rug

Ikea Here is an original model! It boosts this immaculate kitchen and avoids damaging the parquet located in front of a sink with possible splashes of water. Washable and fun, it will appeal to young and old!


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