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Before / After: Modernize and optimize the storage of your apartment

Before / After: Modernize and optimize the storage of your apartment

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The ground floor of this three-storey house, located in Rueil Malmaison, deserved a facelift! The owners wanted to have an open kitchen and therefore completely rethink the layout of their property in order to create a convivial living room for the whole family. The interior design agency Les Murs ont des ears carried out the fitting-out of this space by providing it with numerous more or less hidden storage spaces. Let's go for the visit! ** Area: ** 80m² ** Budget: ** € 72,000 including tax for work outside the fireplace, furniture and fees for the interior designer

The glass kitchen

Walls have ears ** After: ** The new white L-shaped kitchen, signed Ikea (Veddinge reference), was created in the recess of the large living room. To separate it from the living area, the architect installed a workshop partition with sliding doors and therefore easy to open and close without losing space. These 15 square meters are well lit thanks to a false ceiling with recessed spotlights. On the decorative side, a wall was painted in dark blue (Hague Blue color by Farrow & Ball) to bring out the kitchen and the glass roof. As for meals, the central base of the table (made to measure) makes it easier to install for several. The tray matches the kitchen worktop.

Ingenious storage

Walls have ears ** After: ** Although the kitchen is a bit narrow, many storage spaces have been installed. Beyond the Ikea kitchen elements, tailor-made niches have been created above the worktop and around the fridge for optimal space savings. There are also compartments for storing bottles and thus being able to clear the cupboards.

A spacious and designer living room

The Walls have ears ** After: ** In order to modernize the living room, the shiny ceilings, the old-fashioned parquet, or even the "castle" style fireplace have been removed. The architect has further optimized the 40 square meters of space and their natural light. The white walls bring out the Leroy Merlin oak parquet floor while the colorful furniture and decorative accessories energize the whole.

Bring warmth to space

Walls have ears ** After: ** The owners of the house wanted a modern decor with touches of color. To make the room warmer, a gray sofa, a blue armchair and a multi-colored carpet, all three by Bo Concept, give a more cozy feel to the space. In terms of decoration, cushions, candle holders and a printed canvas give a unique style to the room.

Tailor-made compartments

Walls have ears ** After: ** The new living room is organized around the new fireplace, with contemporary lines. A tailor-made arrangement was created by the agency. The walls have ears in order to have a platform for the accessories of the fireplace (on the right) but also storage with integrated handles (on the left).

Entrance before works

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The existing entrance was only 4 m2. It was therefore necessary to redouble ingenuity to make it a more welcoming but also more functional space. The decor was also to be reviewed because the room lacked charm.

A renovated entrance that hides its game well

Walls have ears ** After: ** The entrance has been opened up because the partition separating from the dining room has been narrowed and perforated in order to provide more light to the room. As in the kitchen, a false ceiling with recessed spotlights also optimizes the lighting. A custom-made bench has been created with drawers to store children's shoes and easily accessible by the little ones, as well as Delamaison cushions (Romeo reference) to sit on.

The existing corridor

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The 5 m2 corridor was sober and unwelcoming. It was not practical because it had no storage and was only used to go from one room to another.

A brighter and more functional corridor

Walls have ears ** After: ** Accessible from the entrance, the new corridor is much brighter. No less than 1.7 m2 of cupboards have been created in this small space in length in order to have a small dressing room where to store your belongings once you have entered the house. Colorful coat hooks serve as coat racks. For more information, visit the website of the architectural agency Les Murs ont des ears.