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10 decorative ideas around the pumpkin

10 decorative ideas around the pumpkin

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In Anglo-Saxon countries, pumpkins, pumpkins and other cucurbits invade the house throughout the month of October, until Halloween evening. In France, if the threatening pumpkins are not our cup of tea, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of these magnificent vegetables in our fall decor! Whether fleshy and colorful, white or elongated, squash is our best ally for decorating the house at low prices from October to November. The proof in 10 ideas 100% decoration.

A butternut squash vase With its oblong shape and rounded base, butternut squash is ideal for making vases in a jiffy. We choose the vegetables, checking that they can stand on their own, then cut the upper part with a knife and dig the flesh with a tablespoon and a knife. After having rinsed it, we fill the squash with water, and here is a magnificent ephemeral vase for autumn flowers such as asters, dahlias and chrysanthemums! Source:

Small bowls for children How to make your children want to eat pumpkin puree? By serving them in Cinderella's carriage! The only difficulty is to find small pumpkins the size of a bowl on the market. Then, it only remains to hollow them out, keeping the hats as for stuffed tomatoes, and to serve the puree directly in this magic dish! Source:

Natural candle holders Now that you have mastered the art of hollowing squash, why not take the opportunity to create candle holders XXL? We choose several squashes of different sizes and colors, we hollow them out meticulously then place a large candle inside. Long live autumn! Source:

An amazing plant pot Come on, let's keep digging! But this time we fill the hollow squash with a soil-sand mixture and we plant small succulents inside. A very beautiful vegetable composition that can also be used in the center of the table, with or without small individual pumpkins. A great gift idea to bring to a dinner to celebrate the arrival of fall. Source:

An original notepad / Okay, let's stop gutting the squash! Why not decorate a white squash or a butternut by drawing on it with a black pen? Convenient to write the shopping list in the kitchen, his favorite quote, a recipe or even sweet little words ... Sources: and

With wallpaper, the pumpkin turns into a decorative object Is there leftover wallpaper, gift wrapping or masking tape left at the back of the cupboard? What if we recycled them to transform a small squash into a temporary trinket? With glue and a small brush, we completely cover the vegetable to keep only its shape, without forgetting to paint the end of the stem with a spray or with an acrylic paint. For a month, we bet you that this strange object will attract the attention of your guests! Source:

Surprising garden decorations In the garden, in front of the front door, on the balcony or on the window sill, the squashes make beautiful outdoor decorations, which can stay in place for several months. According to his inspiration, we superimpose them as a totem, we align them along an alley or around a tree, we arrange them on the steps of a staircase or we create landscapes worthy of Alice in Wonderland! Source:

Pierced pumpkins, graphic pumpkins If you know how to handle the electric drill, know that the squash holes are the most beautiful effect after dark. Start by cutting the underside of the pumpkins, remove the flesh (and keep it for the soup), then pierce the skin with an ultra fine wick, in a regular and geometric manner. Place the squash on the windowsill by sliding a tealight inside, and admire! Source:

A festive decor with cucurbits Get your bombs! Pumpkins and pumpkins can also be painted, with a brush or a spray, provided they are not eaten afterwards. Red, pink, gold or silver, these round and fleshy vegetables alone decorate the table. Baroque or contemporary, it's up to you to choose your style! Source:

A Cinderella wedding decor / Pinterest For princes and princesses who get married in autumn, squash can be used to make magnificent table decorations at a lower cost. If orange is not your favorite color, think of white squash and pastries, whose creamy white color will go well with rustic and romantic bouquets… Sources: and Pinterest


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