10 simple things to do at home in the fall

10 simple things to do at home in the fall

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After the rush of the start of the school year, here is the fall which encourages us to slow down and refocus on us, to quietly enjoy our home sweet home, alone or with family. While the leaves of the trees are adorned with ocher and orange colors before falling, the air is more invigorating and the days are getting shorter, let us caulk at home and savor simple pleasures that will make us wait until the beautiful days .

Watching the rain fall


Plic, ploc, plic, ploc ... admit, the rain exasperates us most of the time but we tolerate it, when the nose at the window, warm at home, we observe the puddles of water gradually invade the bitumen. Take advantage of this moment of calm to think of nothing else ... but the present moment. Source: Hepsylone

Composing a herbarium

Lili in Wonderland

Among the pleasures available to you in the fall, consider making a herbarium. It can consist of leaves and flowers gleaned during your summer vacation that you previously let dry between the pages of books. If you have missed the boat, you just have to pick up pretty dead leaves during your autumn walks. For our part, we then love to slide them under glass in pretty hanging frames. Dource: Lili in Wonderland

Change the duvet cover

Discover design

There is no need to embark on a major makeover operation to breathe new life into your interior. Among the few simple tips to put into practice, consider changing the duvet cover! Depending on the season, vary the colors and prints. For this fall-winter you can for example opt for solid cream, pearl gray or shades of green. Take the opportunity to associate several pillows with this new bed set and thus offer you an ultra cozy sleeping area! Source: Discover design

Start a diary

Vanina Denizot

The first months of autumn are sometimes trying. Reconnect with everyday life, cope with seasonal illnesses, dream of a vacation but spend your days running ... To keep up the pace without brushing against burn out, take the time to write down in a diary the significant events but also your moods . A way to take distance, to pour the overflow of emotions stored during the day but also to see more clearly by taking a step back.

Make seasonal fruit jars

Vanina Denizot

When autumn arrives our favorite fruits like plums and figs begin their last run. Take the opportunity to keep them all year round thanks to the technique of do-it-yourself glass jars. has even put together a tutorial for you to make your canned fruit and vegetables.

Schedule the next vacation

Lili in Wonderland

Summer vacation already seems far away? Why not take advantage of the fall to plan short weekends until it is still too cold? Or plan a trip to a warm country this winter? The prospect of a next trip is always good for morale. Source: Lili in Wonderland

To go to bed early


No secret, to avoid ending up flat before the end of the year, it is important to recharge your batteries regularly. And for that, we have not yet found better than cocooning evenings, a good book in hand, a herbal tea in the other, bundled up in bed. If each of us needs a different number of hours of sleep, it seems that sleep before midnight is more restful. In all cases, it is essential to go to bed at a fixed time to sleep well and therefore recover. Source: Estemar

Rearrange your dressing room

Avenue Lifestyle

The arrival of fall invariably changes your wardrobe! We have to say goodbye to summer affairs until next year and reinstall warmer clothes in closets and drawers. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to sort. Start by emptying everything to have a global vision of your wardrobe and discard clothes that have never been worn or that do not suit you. Be merciless! Source: Avenue Lifestyle


Morning by Foley

Take a step back, no longer being there, no longer being connected and available for a few hours, a day or an evening, are you tempted? To pamper your free spirit, don't hesitate to get away from the screens from time to time and unplug your laptop. You will gain serenity and be surprised by the little feeling of freedom floating in the air ... Source: Morning by Foley