Before / After: Modernize a bathroom of less than 5m²

Before / After: Modernize a bathroom of less than 5m²

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The bathroom of this large 33 square meter studio has been completely redesigned as part of the complete renovation of the apartment. It has been modernized to become more functional and accommodate enough storage space without cluttering the space, but also a washing machine to save more space in the other rooms. The owners called on Charlotte Soissons and her architectural agency Les Murs a ears to carry out the work. ** Area: ** 4m² ** Budget: ** € 8,500 excl.VAT for the renovation of the room without the architect's fees

An original bathroom area

Walls have ears ** After: ** The studio having been completely renovated, the bathroom area has been ingeniously installed right next to the kitchen. A sliding sliding door gives access to it to better circulate from one space to another. All the walls of the living room have been repainted in white to give more brightness to the space and take advantage of the beautiful exposure of the apartment to also light up the bathroom.

A condensed piece

Walls have ears ** After: ** During the renovation, the architect decided to integrate the WC in the bathroom to gain space in the living room. The new bathroom is therefore 4 square meters. The toilets are hidden in a recess so that they are not visible from the living room.

A sink area can be functional

Walls have ears ** Before: ** In the existing bathroom, the sink area was far from being optimized since it did not have storage or cupboards. In addition, the style of the bathroom had to be completely redesigned to be more contemporary and to make the room brighter.

A sad sink area

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The existing sink area was very poor in storage but above all very sad because it was absolutely not personalized. The mirror as the wall lamp needed to be changed to opt for more modern moderns.

Optimized storage

Walls have ears ** After: ** The new bathroom has a shower and a large basin on the same wall. The latter also houses a washing machine below to optimize space. All the equipment (shower tray, taps, basin) was purchased from Lapeyre. For a better organized sink area, the architect opted for a bathroom cabinet and not for a simple mirror in order to have practical storage for beauty products.

A mineral atmosphere

Walls have ears ** After: ** Apart from the shower, the other walls of the bathroom have been painted in Cornforth white by Farrow and Ball. A false ceiling with recessed spotlights was created to optimize the light because the room has no window. The vanity top was built using Ikea kitchen elements to accommodate the washing machine.

Faded tiles

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The bathtub took up a fairly large space in the room and was not of much use to the owners, who preferred to further optimize their bathroom. The tiling of the bathtub and the walls had passed over time and some tiles were starting to come off while the dark tiles on the floor were quite unsightly. It was therefore necessary to change all the coatings in the room.

A brand new shower

Walls have ears ** After: ** In the new shower, the tiling gives a sacred facelift to the room. The agency Les Murs have ears had the good idea of ​​tiling only the walls of the shower to avoid the "box effect", which could have been quite oppressive in this small room. We love the frieze in a different tone at the top of the shower corner.

Playing with tiles

Walls have ears ** After: ** On the ground, there are cement tiles from Carreaux Mosaïc in gray and white colors. This coating contrasts nicely with the shower walls tiled with white tiling signed Leroy Merlin which bring more brightness to the room and enlarge the space. For more information, visit the agency website Les Murs ont des ears.


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