The Hermitage

The Hermitage

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Here is an address like no other in Saint-Cyr-Au-Mont d'Or not far from the city of Lyon. This very trendy establishment with a resolutely contemporary allure bears the name of Hermitage in reference to a hermit who inhabited the site until the middle of the 20th century. The sober and elegant decoration plays on the contrast and balance between objects steeped in history and cutting-edge technology.

The kitchen-to-eat

L'ERMITAGE-MARC LAURENT La welcomes you for an inventive and generous cuisine ... Enjoy a moment of sharing around a table with a beautiful view thanks to the imposing windows.

The cart

L'ERMITAGE-MARC LAURENT which owes its name to the vehicle of the same name as its shape is not remembered…

Lobby with TGV armchairs

L'ERMITAGE-ROGER TALLON In the lobby there are real TGV armchairs which are used in the decor. Unique!

View of Lyon Ouest

L'ERMITAGE The terrace of L'Ermitage offers a breathtaking view of the western part of the city of Lyon. * A breathtaking painting… *

The terrace overlooking the pool

THE HERMITAGE A moment of relaxation by the pool on the wooden terrace which offers an exceptional spectacle: an unparalleled view of the landscape…

Contemplative room

L'ERMITAGE-MARC LAURENT A room to wake you up with a breathtaking view.