The stretch ceiling solution for an original ceiling

The stretch ceiling solution for an original ceiling

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Stretch ceiling Pastille Newmat

Newmat ** The pop stretch ceiling ** To give your room a pop spirit, bring a colorful touch to the ceiling. Newmat offers a model with large red polka dots to give the ceiling a psychedelic covering that radically changes from the traditional white ceiling.

Stretch ceiling Lemon Newmat

Newmat ** The colored stretch ceiling ** Because the ceiling does not have to be white, bet on color! In matt or glossy version, the colored ceiling brings a touch of cheerfulness to the house. Match the ceiling to your walls or on the contrary create an offset that will enhance the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling spotlights

Barrisol ** The stretch ceiling with spotlights ** To illuminate your room, integrate light into your stretch ceiling. You can opt for a simple and white ceiling by giving it tone thanks to an inlay of light spots.

Newmat stretch ceiling

Newmat ** The patterned stretch ceiling ** To bring a theme to your room, choose the figured pattern stretch ceiling! More telling than geometric patterns, this type of ceiling will set the tone for the room. For a bucolic or very natural spirit, you can opt for "a sky of birds". Change of scenery guaranteed!

Barrisol sky stretch ceiling

Barrisol ** The stretch ceiling with digital printing ** And to give your interior a very marked style, prefer the stretch ceiling with digital printing which will create the illusion of decor in your room. For an opening to the outside, bet on a digital impression "sky" and you will have the feeling of being in a garden even indoors.


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