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A romantic style decor in the bathroom

A romantic style decor in the bathroom

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A relaxing space, the bathroom takes on a new dimension thanks to the romantic style! This piece becomes feminine, soothing and full of sweetness. Here are some decorative ideas to create a romantic bathroom in your home.

Soft colors

Tollens ### Bet on feminine and pleasant colors. For example, choose several shades of pink and purple to create a subtle shades. Do not hesitate to play with colors by creating graphic games of stripes on the walls that will meet the shelves in the bathroom.

Elegant details

Herbeau Créations ### For a refined touch, bet on details that will make the difference. We choose a basin with small flower patterns, an old tap but also beautiful towels, beautiful soap and a few bottles of perfume.

A bathroom dedicated to beauty

Maisons du Monde ### The bathroom becomes a room where we like spending time getting a makeover. We then install a dressing table in this room rather than in the bedroom. Also install a beautiful armchair and opt for a lion-footed bathtub.

Shimmering materials

Lapeyre ### Finally, opt for very girly fabrics. We will choose glossy tiles in pink tones. We will focus on the details by adding a mosaic frieze. As for furniture, choose lacquered and glossy materials.


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