A weekend in Arles

A weekend in Arles

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The further south we go, the more deliciously insistent the smell of Provence becomes. When you arrive in Arles, lavender and olive trees are an integral part of the decor, but not only ... Arles is indeed the capital of Provençal culture with its traditional festivals and costumes, its Roman architectural heritage, its Camargue reserve, his bulls and his gardians and of course his cooking with sun-baked vegetables!

Arena of Arles

This will not have escaped you, of course, Arles reveals you treasures of Antiquity. It is the city with the most Roman monuments after Rome! You will be able to look into its history during the Roman Empire and visit the ancient amphitheater, which you will obviously not miss!

Le Calendal Arles spa hotel

Calendal Hotel restaurant The Calendal hotel restaurant will open its terrace in the center of Arles for a gourmet break at any time of the day. Its Oli Pan area will offer you sandwiches, salads, pies, always inspired by the Mediterranean diet. You can even order your picnic basket for your day trip in the Camargue.

Pond of Vaccares

ChrisO Arles is also the Camargue and its biodiversity. For nature lovers, go to the Capelière nature interpretation center, the administrative center of the Camargue reserve to discover the richness of the flora and fauna along the Vaccarès pond.

Camargue race

S.Batigne Qui dit Camargue also says the legendary Camargue bull whose manades you can observe in semi-freedom watched over by the gardians. In addition to the bullfighting shows (which will not please everyone!), You can also enjoy throughout the months of July and August, Camargue racing shows, where the bull is honored.


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