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10 practical and decorative headboards

10 practical and decorative headboards

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A headboard can be pretty and practical. Today, many brands offer very original models which can sometimes save us a little space thanks to cleverly placed storage. For you, we have selected 10 headboards that will make your room a personalized and practical space!


La Redoute Natural colors, red Vichy, no more doubt, this headboard exudes countryside. We like the hanging cushion that we can lean on for reading and the little details such as buttons and embroidery.

All in one

Delamaison Here is a very practical headboard which includes the bedside tables for an optimized space saving. We love its very contemporary black lacquer color and the simplicity of the design.

Decorative asset

Gourmandise And yes, a headboard can bring color. Here you discover an exceptional model that supports both classic and modern decor. A touch of originality that makes it the favorite of the editorial staff.


La Redoute This headboard combines comfort and originality. We like its XXL format which allows you to place the bed in front of shelves and which has the capacity to define a space in the bedroom.


Delamaison Here is a bed to adopt if you like to relax in the bedroom. Thanks to the tilted headboard you can watch TV or read with peace of mind.

Space saving

Inqaluit Here you will find a headboard that houses lots of storage. You can even put a lamp and decorative items on it. The design is very sober which allows this piece of furniture to easily find its place at home.


Maisons du Monde Here is a very original headboard, shaped like a screen. We love its XXL format which allows you to create a cozy and intimate bed space, or which offers the possibility of decorating a whole wall section.


Maisons du Monde This two-part headboard makes little girls happy. Princess decor or classic decor, it adapts wonderfully in a child's room. The most decorative: the sheer covering of the wall.


AM PM Here is a very practical model of headboard since it shelters numerous arrangements. It is ideal for fitting out small spaces. The simplicity of this model allows it to be put in a child's room or an adult's room.