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A classic style decor in the living room

A classic style decor in the living room

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The classic style is easily installed in the living room, giving this room a certain elegance. We then put on beautiful sofas, neutral colors and old decorative accessories. Here are some tips for creating a classic style in your living room.

A cozy atmosphere

Goal ### The classic style requires sophisticated lighting. We easily abandon the ceiling light in favor of a subdued lighting that we will create thanks to multiple lights and candles. Do not hesitate to opt for very different lamps.

Furniture with classic lines

Goal ### Choose ornate wooden furniture. Prefer round or oval tables rather than much more rigid rectangular tables. Place a large mirror on a low sideboard and bet on side tables that will accompany your activities.

Neutral colors

La Redoute ### The classic style is certainly not an extravagant style. We exclude then the living colors which will be too pop in favor of natural and warm colors. We then opt for variations of beige, gray or brown.

Reception rooms

Maisons du Monde ### Design your room as a reception space! Do not hesitate to place a very large table with elegant and comfortable chairs. Leave spaces around the furniture to best accommodate your guests. A bouquet of flowers will always be welcome.