Green parquet for a natural house

Green parquet for a natural house

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Environmentally conscious, ecological parquet is an interesting alternative to traditional parquet. Considered wrongly as a natural coating, it is, on the contrary, most often covered with chemicals or from poorly managed farms. To make sure you make the right choice, we have selected ten 100% ecological parquet floors for you.

An FSC certified parking lot

Lapeyre Because the bathroom is the natural room par excellence where we like to bask after a hard day's work, we opt for an ecological teak parquet certified FSC seen at Lapeyre. Established for exotic woods, this label guarantees that the essence comes from a sustainably managed forest and has the advantage of providing traceability to the wood.

Solid parquet for an ecological habitat

Lapeyre Fancy an ecological parquet in your interior? Opt without hesitation for a solid parquet! Its natural coating has the advantage of not having undergone any bonding in the factory, unlike laminate flooring which is only a simple coating with parquet-like decor containing toxic volatile organic compounds.

An ecological laminate for a natural interior

FPPI For a 100% natural interior, we favor an ecological laminate made with a solvent-free glue like this parquet seen on France Production Parquet Innovation. Its finish in acrylic varnish will also have the advantage of not releasing any formaldehyde.

Nailed installation for 100% ecological parquet

Leroy Merlin If you choose a natural parquet, the most ecological solution will be the traditional solution, that is to say the nailed installation on joists. Very popular for solid wood floors, it will allow you to reconcile tradition with the requirements of modern comfort.

Style in its natural state

Quick organic stopover, without excessive soiling, the floating installation adapts perfectly to inhabited accommodation. Very economical, its speed of implementation leads to an installation price lower than all other types of parquet. For a natural and very trendy parquet, we opt for organic stopover parquet which combine the qualities of solid parquet with a high-end ecological finish.

Bamboo, an ecological and sustainable material

In Bamboo Are you hesitating about the parquet to install in your interior? Look no further and bet on a bamboo parquet. Ecological par excellence, its many qualities make it an exceptional material. Very resistant, it turns out to be the most suitable for heating the floor, keeping the heat and is our ally for absolute comfort.

Aged oak parquet

Multiwood Warm and friendly by definition, brown parquet floors can be forgotten to bring a touch of harmony to all our interiors. In love with this shade, choose Park Avenue aged oak parquet flooring. Natural, resistant and aesthetic at the same time, it will dress all the rooms of your home for a 100% decorative effect. Its more? Its blades aged manually on each side gives it an artisanal and authentic aspect.

A hemp terrace

Natural materials More than a fashion phenomenon, hemp parquet has undeniable ecological advantages. Composed of ecological composite decking boards, made with a mixture of hemp and PVC, this sublime deck has the major advantages of benefiting at a lower cost from an aspect closer to wood than traditional parquet floors and having excellent resistance in time.

An eco-friendly brand

parquet Marty In order to preserve the forests, all of Parquet Marty's production is geared towards local species: oaks, chestnuts… all species which, in addition to a guarantee of quality, offer a guarantee of environmental responsibility. With Lineal Floor parquet, the brand innovates with a new laminated parquet which uses the right amount of wood necessary for its facing. Brushed finishes, satin varnish, mat or oil, how not to crack!


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