Create a feminine table decor

Create a feminine table decor

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For a table that looks like you, we are inspired by the big brands that offer us very pretty things, but also bloggers, the online female community, weddings ... Inspiration is to be found everywhere! For a feminine table decoration, there is no secret: beautiful tableware, pretty colors and a little work to harmonize the whole.

A feminine red

Alinéa Red, sometimes passion, sometimes pain, can also adapt to female universes. We then have fun with a nice tableware that will highlight your tastes in terms of tableware.

Feminine simplicity

Paragraph White, only white. And yet here is a pretty table that Alinéa offers us, for an outdoor lunch. Simple dishes for everyday meals that are not lacking in style.

A feminine passion

Alinéa Here is our red color again, this time the dishes seem to be imbued with this strong tone. We then travel to Spain, where women have a strong character, or to Italy where it is the "mamas" who are the queens of the house. Girl power sits at the table!

From color to feminine

Paragraph Sick of white and gray? The table can also be made feminine in color. We choose a pretty tablecloth or placemats with floral patterns that highlight dishes that are simplistic to say the least, but that take shape with pretty accessories also in color.

A female marriage

Ikéa We are inspired by wedding tables, even for its table decoration for a dinner at home. Here it is the green that highlights the white dishes. Towels, flowers, decoration… in small touches of glass for a vegetal and feminine atmosphere.

Diamonds for women

La Redoute Marylin Monroe sang "diamonds are girl's bestfriends" in French "diamonds are the best friends of women". And when she cites the fine jewelry brands she likes to wear, we also think of these La Redoute napkin rings. And yes, diamonds are also at the table.

Always more feminine shine

La Redoute If diamonds are slightly too much for your taste, but you still want to shine on your table, the decor can also play the game with you: ribbon, saucer, vase and napkins are decorated with a few nuances iridescent gray for undeniable elegance.

Gold for women

LSA After the money, the LSA glassware is wrapped in gold. Women love it on their skin, but also at the table, just like silver and diamonds. Be careful not to mix the three, it would be a real lack of taste.

A feminine decor

My table decor shop For special occasions, we lend ourselves to the game by pushing the decor a little further. A few flowers, a table runner and patterned napkins, that's it for a table combined with the feminine.