Ethnic decor in the living room

Ethnic decor in the living room

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With a successful decor, it takes little to travel. If the desired destination is on African soil, here are 5 ideas to adopt so that the show takes on a decidedly ethnic air.

Ethnic patterns to decorate the walls

Elitis ### The upholstered facade style is specific to the decorations of African cultures. With this wallpaper signed Elitis, it is certain, the walls take on an ethnic look.

Mix of shapes and materials

Maisons du Monde ### The change of scenery inside also goes by the word "dare". Indeed, here, we are not afraid of mixtures. The stripes blend with tribal patterns, the colors play between them, the dark and exotic wood rubs shoulders with the wrought iron of the suspensions or the terracotta of the handcrafted creations.

Flooring: a tribal carpet

Gan Rugs ### Recreating an African atmosphere in the living room necessarily involves dressing the floor. The essential? A carpet with tribal patterns. Inspiration from elsewhere thus comfortably takes place in the room to be received.

Primitive art as a decorative accessory

Maisons du Monde ### What would a real ethnic decor be without handcrafted pieces made in Africa? Statuettes, masks, canvases, paintings, necklaces are objects that will have the advantage of revealing the ethnic richness in the living room.


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